Edge of Eternity Early Access Review (PC/Xbox/PS4)

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What were your thoughts on the game?

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20 Comments on “Edge of Eternity Early Access Review (PC/Xbox/PS4)”

  1. Rip off they are getting you morons to pay them to finish it so they don’t have to I remember when games used to release completed

  2. Great Game play,
    Excellent Story line,
    Awesome Graphics,
    Adorable Character Design,
    But Horrible Combat System !

    To the developers, if you are reading this : Kindly make the combat system like Ni No Kuni 2 or SAO Fatal Bullet .

  3. The game looks interesting. The glowy sword made me think it was xenoblade 2 footage when I first saw it. Does the full game have an official release date yet?

  4. Game looks really interesting. Seems like an Early Access title with proper thought and care put into it. Very Rare these days. Definitely on my Radar now. Never understood why huge RPG's aren't done in an episodic form. Personally i'm put off by huge worlds. Having it stripped down into chunks I can jump in and play when new content is added would be perfect for me. I also acknowledge the demand for full games on release. However as long as the game is priced the same and extra content doesn't cost, I would be down with that.

  5. Yknow, this battle system reminds me a bit of Radiant Historia and Lunar SSS. Both really good points for me. Also, I'm glad to see more people making he grids for games like this. For the King is a really good example of it too.

  6. This was a really interesting video. Thanks very much. Edge of Eternity hasn't been on my radar at all but now I might pick it up. I really want to explore that battle system and write a video on it!

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