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Official gameplay video and introduction for EVE Online. Download and play for free, immersing yourself in the biggest single shard spaceship MMO of all time! Play EVE for free at http://bit.ly/2Y5TkTB

Experience space exploration, immense PvP and PvE battles, multiple professions and activities, as well as a thriving player economy. The ever-expanding sandbox of EVE allows you to choose your own unique space adventure from countless options.

Gameplay Introduction – 0:30
The Capsuleer – 1:15
Ships – 1:40
Skill Training – 2:15
Activities – 3:10
Market & Industry – 4:06
Community 4:47

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33 Comments on “EVE Online – Official Gameplay (2019) – Play Free!”

  1. The best game I no longer play! It really is the best space sandbox game EVER! I played it every day for over four years…hours spent….hundreds of dollars spent…then I stopped. I disliked the over powerful groups who can camp EVERY system in space to destroy context on every level. No mining…no pve…no exploration….because one toon sits in a system and jumps in to destroy everything you do because his alliance is able to. Campers and gankers are to strong and over abundant. No game mechanic combats this, so it the bully mentality of a game. I am all for a game reset with characters keeping skills and isk….but all else starts new. Or work on a mechanic where campers can be run down….or have to reset a mod every 20 mins or so to stay cloaked. High sec gankers should be easier to manage…pushing them to lowsec . Otherwise I will check in from time to time…. hoping for a change.

  2. Eve online has it's plus and minus side.
    Plus side:
    – Game is free to play (from 2019)!
    – Story-line doesn't exist, you create your own story!
    – Space is really huge and impressive!
    – Shitload of ships!
    Minus side:
    – The characters you create need a fucking RL time to learn skills (no play-experience to boost it), and it can take WEEKS (i kid you not) for a single skill to be fully completed.
    – You need skills for everything, skills for ships, skills for weapons, skills for armor or shield, skills for this, skills for that, you do the math (see the first minus side).
    – There is no actual any player skill involved in this game. Ship that has better stats, better guns, better armor or shield – WINS! PVP is literally summed up in, you targeting your enemy (he targets you in return) and than you switch everything you had to – ON and hope that other guy doesn't have anywhere near as good equipment as you so that you can blast him open. Or hope that his backup doesn't show up, which will, annihilate you (more guns, more armor, more shield = win)…
    – When you lose ships, you really do lose them. And you lose equipment as well. If you don't have the means you will not have the ability to fight and fly…
    – The EvE players are most unfriendly bunch of guys to new players. They already know your quitting and they are not gonna waste any time trying to explain you anything. Your on your own, and don't worry, if you run into experienced player, he won't spare you either. There are no excuses in EvE.
    – Last but not least, when you get whacked (and you will), you lose your ship, your equipment, and your skills (unless you have bought clone of yourself). In best case scenario, you save your skills and get 75% of your insured ship price back to you, but forget about equipment. Once you lose that, no way getting it back! And that equipment can be more expensive than your ship.

    Fly safe!!!

  3. I would love to see more severe consequences for the destruction of a space station and the ensuing and massive loss of life that occurs. Perhaps one or more of the four empires would launch a massive counterstrike upon those who propagated the action; I mean seriously, you don't just see the deaths of millions pass without so much as a whisper of eulogy. That would be fun to watch.

  4. first gameplay right click to go to the debris,reach the debris ,game drops in fps,alt f4 uninstall,if this shit cant run on a present computer , fuck your game

  5. In 2006 when I started eve I was blown away with everything eve has and is but a year later I’m getting ridiculed and teased for my suggestions for the game and developers making suggestions like be able to leave your ship and go to bars and interact and made suggestions like leave my ship and try to raid your ship by kicking open a door shoot them in the face with the pistol. I get nothing but never will happen! Then dust 514 comes out and we can walk from our ships to our beds this was a welcome change but it seem to never go any farther. Then I stumble upon a new game star citizen and boy oh boy this game will have all those things I asked of eve im just sad it won’t have EVEs market and industry what am I to do?!?!? I drop 500 dollars on star citizen and man oh man the potential is there but the game is not!!! I spend hours getting stuck in lag spikes and fall through the floor for no reason or die from sitting down on a bench seat then if you make any progress or money it’s all erased on next patch update!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Now I’m back to eve because eve has everything I need in a game but star citizen has everything I want in a game if only eve was secretly working to beat star citizen to the punch come on eve let’s do some FPS and some flight sim yes I drop 500 in star citizen but in eve you don’t wanna know the dollar amount you will try to slap sense into me. Unfortunately I think eve future is diminishing as star citizen develops the problem is I need my time investment to persist and the stability of game play is less than garbage right now in star citizen

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