Everything We Spotted in The Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2018 Trailer

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The Microsoft 2018 E3 press conference finally gave us a glimpse at CD Projekt Red’s next game in the form of a Cyberpunk 2077 trailer – here’s everything we learned from watching it.

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36 Comments on “Everything We Spotted in The Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2018 Trailer”

  1. 7:30 Trauma Team. Personal medical services for hire. If you pay a high enough premium they will come and basically rescue you from whatever situation you are in guns blazing. When I played CP 2020 I always kept my TT card charged up.

  2. 8:05 They're Trauma Team International, a global corporation that specialises in rapid response medical services. They're one of the most powerful Megacorps in the world. They will go into the most dangerous areas to save you if you're injured, armed with heavy guns, armour and vehicles. Think of them like medical commandos.

  3. I'll be here forever listing the reasons why the FPS news sucks, but here's SIX: 1) You have zero natural peripheral vision from first-person, making it more unrealistic than realistic. 2) Half the audience gets motion sickness playing and watching FPS games. 3) What's the point of character creation if you can't see the damn character? 4) We have an overflow of discounted and unwanted FPS games from American publishers sitting on store shelves, plus another tidal wave of this shit still incoming – we don't need more. 5) We leave FPS for the average casual gamer, third person is for the masters of their craft and we expected WAY better from CD Projekt Red. 6) That first-person melee combat as we repeatedly nudge forward and backward trying to connect one of our aimless swings at the opponent. Those 10 air-swipes must look cool to the NPC bystanders.

  4. The ambulance crew is how health insurance works in cyberpunk. Depending on you level of cover, they'll either not send an ambo, send one, or (if you pay a shit load for cover) they'll send one packed with mercenaries who will launch an emergency operation to save you at all costs.

    There's more to it than that, but that's just it in a nutshell

  5. Wow just wow. These guys are the Kings of the gaming world. Bringing in Mike to really bring NC to life is another reason why CDRed is Boss! In a world of microtransactions they stand tall above the rest.

  6. Those Elements is glimpse into gameplay features
    Cars player Drive
    Taxi , Flying Trians Likely Fast Travel Methods
    Shooting in shop ..Suspect your be able to rob shops ,,,Suspect police system some kinda wanted etc
    Chem Adverts I suspect Glimpse In CHEM Crafting Table of some sort
    Pool Table i suspect is Gameplay Feature and that bar is place pick up mission
    Robot Drone Suspect Player will get those in combat
    Boxing I suspect be able to do that as activity to or tutorial level ..maybe even throw hoop

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