Fable Anniversary – Official Trailer

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Check out this official trailer for Fable Anniversary, coming to Xbox 360 in February 2014.

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36 Comments on “Fable Anniversary – Official Trailer”

  1. I’ve never played fable one because the graphics were bad and that’s one of my pet peeves, however I’d say fable 2 was the best fable (in my opinion). I love the openness and how you can do whatever you please and make decisions. I love how YOU choose how you want people to see you as a person and as a hero. The overall story of fable 2 is very emotional and I found myself crying at the part (spoiler) where my dog dies. I obviously chose the wish to bring him back to life. Fable 2 had to be my favorite. Fable 3, however felt a bit rushed. It was still a overall amazing game but just not quite as good as fable 2. However, with fable 3, I truly felt as if I was emotionally attached to all of the characters (especially Walter)… I cried quite a bit (spoiler) when Walter died. Because it was more emotional and it tied to the beginning of the story when he asked me if I remembered what I said when he read to me as a child. I said “teach me to be a hero” and that’s what he asked me right before he died… and that’s what really got me and I cried for a while. Walter was one of my favorite characters. I think some day I’ll play again and see if I can change something so he won’t die but I doubt it. That saddened me quite a bit. It was also weird how my character talks but I don’t so much mind that. I like how you can choose things with the “X Y A B” buttons though. It really adds to the plot. One thing I don’t really like about the game, though, is that when you marry someone, move into the castle, leave for a while, and come back to see him divorcing you, you lose the castle… you no longer own it and you have to pay 800,000 dollars to get it back… and the since you don’t live in the castle, all the guards will cross their arms when you walk past instead of saluting to you… I got super mad at that (losing the castle). That’s kinda stupid. Anyway, I don’t like that elliot cheats on me either lmao. It’s not a big deal but like wtf dude lol. So I chose to keep my promises and that led me 1M dollars bankrupt and so everyone died in Albion exept for me and the guards… so there’s just dead bodies everywhere and it’s super boring (adding to the homelessness). And I heard that you just wait a few days but that didn’t work either soooo… I’ll have to replay and choose to be bad I guess (or work a lot to get more money). Also the last thing that confused me is that I couldn’t find any of the main characters… (Page, Ben, the king of the dweller camp, the queen of Auora…) ummm! At the end of the story, they all said that they’d stick around Albion! And they didn’t! One last thing that made me sad is that you can’t marry Ben… I really hoped I could but you can’t… so what the fuck?! Whatever tho. Also the fort that Ben worked at…? It’s gone? Like not gone but it’s for sale… so whatever. I hoped that I could go at least see the main characters walking around and maybe do a quest with them or something but no. Also all the side quests are boring so when you finish the game, you’re done… there’s nothing to do but restart and that super boring too… ok so fable 4… I’ve seen comments that they are making a fable 4? Someone please explain below… I don’t really care if it’s not as good, I’d still like to play it. I’m a bit confused tho because I thought peter left the company and stopped making fable (which made me REALLY MAD AND ANGRY AND SAD AND DEPRESSED) but whatever. Someone please explain if there is a fable 4 and how to find it and what it’s called… THANKSS. See y’all laterrr (wow this took me like 2 hours to make lmao) but yeah, I really enjoyed all the fabled and I hope there’s more to come! 🙂 <3

  2. Это прекрасная игра. Но увы ей не была суждена та популярность которой она достойна.

  3. I played the shit out of this game in the mid 00s, probably played through it about 10 times as good and evil and all the different class combos (archer, warrior, mage, and everything in between). Hell even did a play through as a dress-wearing gay guy. I played video games as a youngster in the late 80s and early 90s, but pretty much stopped playing right around 13 or 14 (at that time was more interested in hanging out with friends, smoking cigarettes, and trying to hook up with girls). This game was pretty much single handedly responsible for getting me back into gaming.

  4. so in the end the last installment of fable b4 r.i.p lion head studio is fable anniversary almost the same as the first fable installment but only updated graphics what a good way to end fable.

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