Fable II Xbox 360 Review – Video Review

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Heres ign’s Fable 2 game video review.
For more info go to ign.com: http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/921/921508p1.html

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35 Comments on “Fable II Xbox 360 Review – Video Review”

  1. u know what really pissed me off? no1 will care what im about to say but i got pissed off that after the spire mission all the trees turn brown and the environment goes bad, i wish that didnt happen

  2. so with the looks yes your right it pisses me off that you cvant bring your actual hero. with not being able to bring in your weapons i think that is the smartest thing EVER this way you can't just tell your friend to buy the game then run them thru the game in 20 minutes. your weapons are based on the level and expecrience of your co-op partner so it reamains an entertaining game not just "oh its a boss that early in the game would be a challenge. ill just call my friend in so he can takeit out

  3. i am incredibly dissapointed from this review…i expected more of IGN. first off when you talked about the expression system and you said that the only reason you do this is to move the meters. its called an RPG for a reason. if you're truly trying to get the most out of this game then you will do it for entertainment and to be apreciated throughout albion. second of all, the co-op play complaints are totally misguided except for the looks. reached character limit ill post a second.

  4. Guys, dont get so vent up about the review. I agree with hurdl3thed34d, there was some valid points in the review. Though I dont agree with all of what he says, he still gave it an 8.8 which means great, and many other sites gav it in the 9's. Im still getting the game because in the end its my opinion that counts and not his.

  5. exactly oblivion was fun the first time you play it but the second time your bored and i seriously can't play 5 minutes of it now but fable 2 you can probably play a hundred different times and still not get board with it…. anyways X-Play on G4tv already gave it a 5 out of 5 so HELL YEAH!!1

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