Fallout 76 PC Live Stream in 1440p / 60fps! Part 16: Repairing the Broken Uplink + Strategy/Tips

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Hello every Appalachian bodayyy! The full release of Fallout 76 is here! This time, Appalachia is the biggest and most colorful wasteland we’ve ever faced. Let’s emerge from Vault 77 as a brand new character, 20 year old brainiac with a focus upon Intelligence.

In Part 16, we now have the broken uplink in our hands, so as part of the main quest, we need to repair it. Let’s head up to the northeastern corner of the map to Abby’s Bunker to do it!

If you want the highest quality Fallout 76 live stream possible, this Culveyhouse Channel is the place for you. I have a GTX 1080Ti FTW3 11GB card in my rig, and I keep everything well-tempered and optimized for a blazing 1440p and 60fps.

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Here’s my full Fallout 76 PC Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=
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***** Culveyhouse Chat Room Code of FUN: ******
1. We shall all have FUN, first and foremost!
2. We shall act respectful of each other, even in a disagreement.
3. We shall be extra polite to my moderators and thank them. They keep my channel alive!
4. We shall enjoy the fux0r1ng 4m4z1ng graphics too!
5. We shall protect the chat room and insta-perma-ban useless trolls and insulting bags of water.
6. We shall chat about almost any subject, as long as it’s respectful, legal, and considerate. Politics yes. Religion yes. Inciting hate, NO.
8. We shall NOT pump the chat room full of knee-jerk conspiracy goo, false news shit, or other psychotic alt-right biblethumping bull droppings. If you’re a young-Earther, this is a really bad place for you.
9. We shall allow “raiding” parties in the chat room, but we shall insta-perma-banhammer any raider that breaks any of the above code.

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