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The PlayStation Analog Joystick SCPH-1110. Sony’s first analog controller.
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(Sometimes this controller is inaccurately called the Sony Flightstick)

This video features footage from my Steel Battalion review.
If you have not seen it, take a look!:

This Episode features gameplay footage of:
– Descent
– Mech Warrior 2
– Vigilante 8
– Tekken 3
– Jet Moto 2

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36 Comments on “First Dual Analog Controller Ever: PlayStation Analog Joystick – Rare Obscure or Retro – Rerez”

  1. Sega had the Control Stick on the Sega Saturn (Nights Controller) before Sony or Nintendo does)
    And dont forget the…
    Mission Stick.
    I think that was the Name of the VR On Controller for the Saturn.

  2. Rerez, regarding strafing in Descent, did you mean it's not possible to do it on the sticks?

    It's been awhile since I played Descent/Descent II (aka Descent Maximum), I only had the regular PS1 controller… Triangle forward, X backwards, Square strafe left, Circle strafe right…?

    Check the control customisation menu in the game options. Pretty sure you can change them while the game is paused too, which is really useful if you made a bad decision on your layout.

    I recall the ship could also be strafed vertically but it wasn't set by default, instead it required a visit to the control customisation menu, where the player actually had to assign buttons to do it! Now while control customisation was very flexible – likely because Descent was a PC game to start with and the developers had the sense to retain that for the PS1 version – it was nonetheless asking a lot of the PS1 controller!

    I recall assigning Strafe Up/Down to the Select button plus Up/Down on the D-pad. It turned out to impractical because I just couldn't move my hands quick enough to make use of it. Plus some combat in Descent is in confined space, so either you muscle in with heavy armament or pick your battleground carefully!

    The enemy A.I could be pretty smart too. In Descent 2/Maximum, there's a baddie called a Lou Guard that you meet quite early on. I remember giving the thing a wide berth because it kept hammering me with lock-on missiles. I tried creeping up on it via a different tunnel… I'll be damned if the thing had actually moved to counter me and I got hammered again!

    My only criticism of the original Descent is how sequel just plays a little better, what with the addition of the Guidebot and being able to drop markers, which helps you from getting too lost… Plus the Headlight is useful and has to be used sparingly, so as not to give yourself away to enemies and/or just drain your ship's energy; if it's too low, lasers don't work and if you don't have a minigun/cannon at that time, you're defenceless!

  3. Huh I didn't realize you can play Vigilante 8 with this joystick. Kinda cool actually since honestly Vigilante 8 was one of the games that helped me get into gaming actually so I guess it just has a special place in my heart. I also bought Vigilante 8 and 2nd offense I believe at the same time because those 2 are pretty fun games without a doubt while I do like Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8 if I remember correctly was based off the Oil Crisis in the 1970's or at least an alternative universe to it. I also found this joystick on eBay for cheap so I thought why not give it a shot. But since I know now I can play Vigilante 8 with it, that should be interesting.

  4. Oh, PS1 strafing… Syphon Filter used shoulder buttons for that. Tomb Raider had sidestep "mode", like original DOOM on PC except much slower. Metal Gear just opted for top-down camera with 4-way run like in 2D games, and in vast majority of games, sidestepping was an overnight, with only last few games like Alien having dual analog controls of shooters today.

  5. No strafing in the early 90s? I guess the shift key is well out of the way, huh? Or the control key? Or the left and right arrow keys? When you talk about a first person shooter in the early 90s, you're talking about DooM. And you can strafe in DooM. Even though it technically wasn't an fps. You could strafe in Wolfenstein. You could strafe, dawg. You could strafe.

  6. I asked my parents to get me the analogue joystick back in the day so I could play descent. when I finally got it, used it for 30ish mins then went back to the controller. honestly, I found it to be more of a gimmick than an actual controller.

  7. I still got one of these in storage and it worked a treat for Descent. BTW you CAN strafe in Descent… you use the hat switch to strafe as well as move vertical from your current orientation.

  8. It's also a great way to play the arcade edition of Virtual On emulated on your computer.
    The alternative is hooking up two flightsticks and figuring out how to make both work independently with some configuring on the emulator.

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