Fortnite NEW UPDATE – Reboot Vans – Pro Player Tips and Tricks

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Hello… I Livestream fortnite daily and also Upload gameplay videos of different games on my channel. It would be awesome if you become a part of my community. Thank you 🙂


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MOD DETAILS :- I Stream Daily for 3-4 Hours. During my Live Stream,at Any point of time. a Secret Word will pop up on the Screen just for 1 Minute. All you have to do is Type in the Secret word in the chat and i will note your name in my personal record. For 15 Days (April 1st to April 15th) i will be doing the Same process daily. After that i will be appointing a mod for my channel.


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GIVEAWAY DETAILS :- 10$ will be given to One Subscriber who wins the Giveaway.
To enter the Giveaway, you need to have minimum 1000 ZaZyCoins because Cost of 1 Entry is 1000 ZaZyCoins. Check your ZaZyCoins by using the Command !Coins in the Chat. You can have Maximum of 10 Entries in the Giveaway which will need 10,000 ZaZyCoins in total.
Remember that More the entries from an individual, More chances for that person to win the giveaway.
Your Coins will increase consistently while you watch the stream. You will earn more Coins if you are active in the chat and interact more with me and help me out in the game.
Also if you Donate me on PayTM, you will get more ZaZyCoins rather than Donating on Superchat because of several reasons.

Check your ZaZyCoins by using the !Coins Command.
To know how to get more Coins very fast, use !gaincoins Command.
After having more than required amount of Coins to enter the giveaway, Type !EnterGiveaway X (X being the number of entries, minimum 1 and maximum 10) to participate in the giveaway (Note that once entered the giveaway, your coins will be deducted and you will not get refund of those coins).
If you have enough coins and are eligible to participate in the giveaway, a message will show up in the chat that you have entered the giveaway.
Don’t Spam Messages of entering giveaway if you don’t have enough coins…


First Giveaway Winner :- Aditya Sharma (Google Play Giftcard 100rs)
Second Giveaway Winner :- Omkar Sanadi (Paytm Cash 500rs) (31st December 2018)
Third Giveaway Winner :- Omkar Sanadi (10 Dollars) (31st January 2019)
Fourth Giveaway Winner :- Jeet Bhatt (10 Dollars) (28th February 2019)
Fifth Giveaway Winner :- Aanjaneya Brahmbhatt (10 Dollars) (31st March 2019)
Sixth Giveaway Winner :- (Giveaway in Process)


Type these Commands in the chat to get the required Information :
!specs :- To Know my Pc Specs
!giveaway :- To know about the Current Giveaway
!gaincoins :- To know how you can earn some more extra ZaZyCoins.
!coins:- To view your ZazyCoins Balance
!EnterGiveaway X (X being the amount of entries from 1 to 10) :- To enter the Giveaway if you have enough Balance. (1000 ZaZyCoins for 1 Entry)
!discord :- To Join my Discord Server


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