Fortnite update 6.10 coming TODAY with PS4 and Xbox patch notes and server downtime

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Fortnite update 6.10 coming TODAY with PS4 and Xbox patch notes and server downtime

FORTNITE UPDATE 6.10 is coming today and will include all the big changes for PS4 and Xbox one in the patch notes.

Epic Games has confirmed that their new Fortnite update is being released today, Tuesday, October 16.

Posted on the game’s official Twitter page, the development team confirmed that they would be taking Fortnite servers down too.

Downtime usually lasts a few hours and will mean that no can play the game during that spell.

The good news is that the official patch notes, which will likely contain all the big news, will be shared during this downtime.

“Get revved up! Patch v6.10 rolls out tomorrow, Tuesday, October 16,” Epic Games confirms on Twitter.

“Patch Notes will be available once downtime begins at 4 AM ET (0800 GMT).”

Fans can expect the new update to drop around 9am in the morning, in the UK.

And 20 minutes before scheduled maintenance begins, players will start to be kicked out of live servers.

So Fortnite Battle Royale could start getting disrupted from 8am onward.


There’s plenty of rumours surrounding the latest patch from Epic Games.

It seems pretty likely that we’re getting a new vehicle, something that has already been hinted at twice by Epic Games.

Based on the latest in-game message, Epic is getting ready to release the QuadCrasher vehicle.

The official description suggests that the vehicle will have a boost function for extra speed.

“Charge the boost to crash through structures or get some air!” reads an Epic post.

But most exciting of all is the potential launch of the Fortnite Battle Royale gifting feature.

The gifting system has been in the pipeline for ages, as Epic continues to tweak the feature before launch.

But a new leak on Twitter suggests the gifting feature is about to be released by Epic Games – perhaps with today’s release.
Alleged footage of the feature in action has been posted online and shows some cool new options are coming to the game.

This includes being able to purchase an item as a gift, personalising the gift with a message, and then sending it through.

It’s unclear if the footage circulating online is legitimate, but it looks like you can select recipients from your list of friends too.

There also appears to be some kind of time restriction on the number of gifts you can send.

Fans are hoping that this new feature will go live today, having had to wait so long to use it.

But it should be noted that Epic Games has said nothing on the subject, so it remains speculation at this time.

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