? FREE PSN / XBOX / STEAM CODES | V BUCKS GIVEAWAY | Fortnite Battle Royale / PUBG ?

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Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/youssef99able PSN / XBOX / STEAM CODES GIVEAWAY | V BUCKS GIVEAWAY

1. Subscribe to my channel
2. Like this stream
3. Turn on notifications
4. Stay active

We Will give some people a free gift for being cool!

(MUST READ BEFORE PARTICIPATING!) This is how it works. Every 1 minute you will earn 5 coins. If you got the amount of coins for the prize you would like (prizes are down in the description) Then you gonna earn your prize. So, to earn coins all you have to do is follow all the steps in the description and to gather coins. (/coins + more commands are down below on description)

!coins – To check your coin balance
!give – To give coins

PSN / XBOX / STEAM code 20$ = 500 Coins
PSN / XBOX / STEAM code 50$ = 800 Coins
2000 V Bucks (Fortnite) = 600 Coins

Here Are Some Tips To Get A lot Of Coins!
1. Leave The Stream On.
So Just let it stay open when you sleep/eat/are at school.
2.Do All The Steps In The Description!
4.Just Be Active In The Chat.
5.Help The OTHER People If They don’t know what to do to win!



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