Game of Thrones S8 Ep1 "Winterfell" – D's Reviews

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It has Begun! The Final Season kicks off with a series of long awaited reunions as Jon returns to Winterfell with Daenerys Targaryen – and finally learns his birthright. It’s D’s Reviews and commentary on the long-awaited return of Game of Thrones 8×01 “Winterfell” PLUS A new title sequence, the beauty of show-don’t-tell, & D’s Scene of the Week!

This Review is Dark and yada yada *Spoilers*

New! Quick-Jump Index!

1:36 Reunions and Coming Full CIrcle
6:10 A new title sequence
8:48 Show, Don’t Tell & Minimal Use of Dialogue
14:02 Thanks, Bran!
15:26 Scene of the Week… and a few runners up
24:01 A Few More Reunions
29:51 Bronn
30:53 Last Hearth
32:34 What is dead my never die
34:04 Wrap-up

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13 Comments on “Game of Thrones S8 Ep1 "Winterfell" – D's Reviews”

  1. D do you remember when Sansa saw Bran (in season seven) and she hugged him, he didnt hug her back, but he hugged Jon and Arya back when they hugged him. Did you see that or was I the only one that saw that?

  2. Good review! I really enjoyed this episode. The reunions were great, however, I'm finding Bran's lack of emotions quite annoying. Still not here for Jon and Dany's incestuous relationship. Now that Jon knows who he truly is, I'm hoping that will put an end to it. Can't wait to see the outcome of Jaime's visit to Winterfell. Although, I'm warming up to him a bit, he's done so many terrible things that I feel shouldn't go unpunished.

  3. The beheaded man (Astrolabe) I believe was from the cold open of the first episode when a White Walker beheads one of the Night Watch in front of the new recruit Night Watch.

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