Gaming on a 25 YEAR OLD Laptop!!

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36 Comments on “Gaming on a 25 YEAR OLD Laptop!!”

  1. Hey bro you stole my old laptop hahahaha joking bro.
    Seriously it is exactly the same as my old laptop that I still have and it is still fully working, but I just do not use it.

  2. Dude, 4GB? I remember when 500MB was big. And that's AFTER the days when you had to load DOS into RAM then swap the OS disk out with whatever program you're using.

  3. I'm '96 our computer was running DOS and I would go to my neighbors house to play games on his Macintosh. I used to think it would be awesome if you could have a computer that could fit in your pocket, and just about a decade later here we are, I'm writing this on a phone that fits in my pocket that's 20x more powerful than the computer I grew up with.

  4. I used to have a 2GB desktop computer running W98, I think, and the screensavers were golden! Also I had a 6 GB one where I had MAME 32. I spent days playing it with my brother. Boy I miss those days…

  5. i wish windows would allow you to change the background of individual files to what ever you want like they used to in 98. there are some programs than let you change the background from the white to a photo but it will be apply to all your files instead of individually

  6. Fairly recently, I used an old computer of mine, a 2000-ish laptop (Probably Toshiba, I don't really use it so I don't remember off hand.) With it, I played an online game called Wartune (Mainly graphics based game, lots of textures and particle effects, not very 3D, constant camera angle).

    Funny enough, that computer loaded up and ran the game faster than a 2012 Acer laptop (4GB RAM, Intel Pentium N3700, 720p resolution) of mine. This may have been partly to do with the game resolution capping at 240p or less resolution. (Less graphics data to load, therefore renders faster?) I didn't bother to compare it to any newer- higher spec computers for obvious reasons.

  7. I had a laptop years ago that had a CD eject mechanism they split the keyboard open in the middle and that’s where the disk came out. Anyone remember that model. I’d like to find one but I don’t remember the model.

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