Genesis – A NEW and REAL PS4 MOBA Delayed Until August

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35 Comments on “Genesis – A NEW and REAL PS4 MOBA Delayed Until August”

  1. When they destroyed Paragon for BR i pretty much stopped playing/checking out anything similar on console. So good luck but this is nothing close to was Paragon was and ultimately couldve been.

  2. Seeing alot of comments about top down view, i can tell theyve been playing console since they got introduced to video games. Im gonna play this on ps4 casually while scuff and kontrol freeks players are sweating 😌

  3. This will be great IF they avoid making heroes that are boring to play. EVERY hero needs to have some fun element to them not just a few. Onmyoji Arena on mobile is a great example of a moba that made all heroes fun to play even the supports and tanks.

    Problem Mobas have today is they rush release heroes rather than taking time and putting quality into each hero they make.

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