Grandia HD is Coming, CyberConnect2 Talks .hack Remakes! The JRPG Weekly Update!

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JRPG Weekly Update Show Notes:
• Today on the JRPG weekly update:
o Grandia’s release date is sooner than expected
o Some new trailers look pretty good
o And CyberConnect2 Talks about .hack Remasters
o But before that we’ve got today’s headlines
• Previously we already talked about Falcom’s inexperience with Switch dev
o This was the final nail in the coffin for my hopes that Ys IX was already coming to switch – however
o Toshihiro Kondo during an interview stated that, quote
 “We have talks in progress with multiple publishers regarding possible Switch games, but I can’t tell you anything precise yet or if it will happen or not.”
o At this point we already know that Falcom’s pretty close with NIS America when it comes to ports, and with XSEED a shell of its former self I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes to NISA,
o But that is all yet to be determined. The fact that they’re talking with multiple publishers makes it clear that it’s not a sure thing for NISA.
Localization & Release Date Updates:
• Grandia HD Collection
o Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on August 16, this Friday
o The release will be digital-only for the time being
o I’ve contacted GungHo for a review code and haven’t yet heard anything but fingers-crossed!
• Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition
o Port to Nintendo Switch finally got a release date
o September 9th 2019
o This enhanced release features
 new side-quests for each of the playable characters
 Fully orchestrated soundtrack
• Indivisible announced
o Indivisible is a Sidescrolling RPG by indie developer Lab Zero Games
o The game is releasing on Steam, PS4, Xbox One on October 8th 2019
o A Nintendo Switch release is also planned but does not have a date
• Mary Skelter 2
o Idea Factory’s dungeon Crawler Mary Skelter 2 is coming to the US
o The game will be digital-only unfortunately
o On the bright side the game will also contain Mary Skelter 1 for those who missed out on the original release for Vita and PC
o Coming to Nintendo Switch eShop October 22nd and Europe on the 23rd
New Trailers:
• The Alliance Alive HD Remaster
o The remaster of the Suikoden-like RPG got a new trailer
o The game was originally released on Nintendo 3DS
o Written by Yoshitaka Murayama,
 Writer behind Suiko 1, 2 & 3
o The game is not yet announced for a Western release but it seems likely to me
• Atelier Ryza
o Also got a new trailer featuring characters, new environments, and gameplay elements
o The game is coming to PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch on Sept 26th in Japan,
o Coming to the West on October 29th 2019
• Greedfall
o The Third-person Western Action RPG from FocusHome Entertainment also got a new trailer
o Showcasing a bunch of new gameplay mechanics
o Honestly this game looks like it could be a lot of fun
o Coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One on September 10 2019
Other News:
• CyberConnect2 responds to fans requesting .hack//IMOQ Remake
o Hiroshi responded that
 there are currently no plans
 requests would be most effective directed to Namco Bandai
 Purchasing .Hack//GU on PS4 would be the most helpful thing
 The full video is available at the link in the description
• Granblue Fantasy Versus, the Fighting game, will get a full-fledged Action RPG story mode!
o XSEED Games made the announcement earlier this week
o Kind of weird news but I felt like it bears talking about
o This should not be confused with the actual full Action RPG Granblue Fantasy Relink, which looks super awesome.
New RPGs this Week:
• Ittle Dew
o This is a Zelda-inspired indie Action Adventure RPG
o Originally on iOS, PC, and WiiU
o Coming to Nintendo Switch this week
• Grandia HD Collection
o Coming to Nintendo Switch August 16th
o I’ll link my reviews of the original games, they’re fantastic
o Hopefully I’ll get a chance to talk more about the games this week!
Answering Viewer Questions
• The Game I was most disappointed by
o The Granstream Saga
o Terranigma left me with impossible expectations
o Transition to 3D was not very kind to Quintet/Shade
Question of the Week:
• Why do you play RPGs? Is it for the escapism, the story, the gameplay or something else?

37 Comments on “Grandia HD is Coming, CyberConnect2 Talks .hack Remakes! The JRPG Weekly Update!”

  1. I play Rpgs mostly for the Story, sometimes the characters aren't that deep or well developed but if the main story keeps me interested I'll keep playing, I like some Rpgs Because Of gameplay though ( One of my absolute favorites is Valkyrie profile, a game that has Almost No story ), But usually the ones I like for gameplay reasons are Games that know they don't have amazing stories or characters and because of it they don't Throw Unnecessary Dialog At you

  2. I didn’t expect my second run through of Cold Steel II to end today.. So while I’m sad that’s over I still need something to take its place while I wait for the next installment..

    As far as Grandia I’m pretty sure my digital copy is broken.. That being the case I suppose I’ll have to get the Switch version when the system arrives perhaps..

  3. I'm the same, story is most important. I play RPGs to satisfy my good vs evil, heroism sort of escapism. Western media loves to play up the darker stuff, shades of gray, picking the lesser of 2 evils, or just allowing you to be real evil, Bethesda, Rockstar, etc. It's nice to play games like Dragon Quest and Suikoden where the protagonist is clearly good and you are making a positive impact on the world and people around you. The bright colours and pastoral settings help, as does beautiful Romantic music.

  4. Love these update videos! Looking forward to replaying Grandia again, it's still a little disappointing that they haven't scaled the UI but what can you do with such an old game.

  5. I hated everything about the gu .Hack games especially having to match the lvs of the equipment just to equipment it or even the skill lving system to use any physical skills or spells that's why i want the original 4 .Hack games to be remade on the ps4 also data draing is so much easier in the original 4 game then it is to use it in gu vol. 3.


    Grandia 2 was just good….nothing beyond that word imo. G1 is far more of a huge big deal over G2 but im still happy af

  7. I think a lot of the reason I play RPGs is for the characters and interactions they have with each other. Final Fantasy started me out on it, followed by the Tales series, and finally into what I consider the magnum opus of this aspect and my current obsession with the Legend of Heroes series.

  8. I play JRPGs because they're awesome. 'Nuff said.

    No, but really… I play for the 60-120 hour long journey with deep and complex characters in a complex and changing world around your characters. I play because I can experience entirely different worlds; not that I want so badly to escape this one (couldn't play JRPGS if I did that). It should go without saying, the visuals and the music are usually outstanding; especially compared to some the meager and generic OSTs from western RPGs. Combat is typically challenging, but not overwhelming – so I can relax and enjoy myself, as opposed to playing something like Kingdom Hearts or Dark Souls where my heart is racing and I'm trying to keep my controller from sliding out of my sweaty hands.

    But the big thing, for me, are the characters. I could care less how a story shakes down, but if the characters are engaging… that's when I feel my time is well spent. I love characters I can empathize with or even learn from, that are fun to spend time with, and that I find myself randomly laughing at something a JRPG character said. I cherish getting to know some creator's expression of their understanding of human nature, and seeing a world play out from their mind, similar to ours, but better because of some ideal, or some realization or personal triumph.

    I guess it's also nice to be able to do something to fix a broken world. I can't really do anything for this world like that – I'm not strong, I'm not especially smart. But I like to think maybe one day I can tell a story that moves people to be better, and in that small way I can affect a small percentage of people in the world to live better than they did before. It's just satisfying to play through a story line where despite hardships and tragedies, there's an ending worth reaching that sees the heroic efforts of the characters I love and root for to fruition.

    And to get a little too real here… maybe it's all catharsis for deep and lasting friendships and bonds I know I'll never have, or peaceful solutions to world problems which I'll never see. But if it is that, then it's a shared catharsis; one that touches the hearts and desires of many people across the world. I know that now more than ever – because of this stupid ridiculous website and others like it. I've bonded with total strangers over the stories and characters we so adore and hold up as our personal ideals in some way, even if we never achieve them. Those people will probably always be strangers, but even if we don't know it, maybe we'll be thinking of the same JRPG at the same time. We've all shared the same experience regardless… it's like a shared dream, but better because its tangible and we can revisit it any time. It's a comforting thought, to think I'm not alone in the fantasies I choose to immerse myself in. Ya know, sorta like that whole "There are many worlds… but one sky" type sentiment.

  9. The story is the most important aspect of an RPG for me. The characters play a huge role in my enjoyment of a game as well. It’s hard to enjoy the story if you don’t like the characters.

  10. RPGs are an interactive story that I can "escape" to. They feel like more of an investment of my time rather than a time dump, also the sense of accomplishment when finishing said story is far greater than other games.

  11. I mostly play RPGs for the gameplay. Wrapping my head around the combat system and mastering it is satisfying for me, and when it's properly broken up with good exploration, it's a gold mine of fun. Story definitely adds a lot when it's done well, but I can live without it. I do need at least a couple characters I like, though. Even with a good story, if I don't like hanging out with the people in the game, then I'm gonna get tired of it.

    At this point, though, it's hard to ignore nostalgia as one of the biggest reasons I keep playing. I've always played RPGs, and any time I hop into one it has that feeling of coming home.

  12. Looking forward to the Grandia collection on Friday! I have many fond memories of Grandia 1 and 2. I wish that they would have added Grandia 3 in there as well though. Kinda feels incomplete without it.

    Anyways, for me when it comes to playing RPG's, I mainly play them for the story. Gameplay is important too but for an RPG (and any game for that matter), a good story is equally important. That's what immerses me in the game world and gives me that sense of escape.

  13. Derek, I'd be curious to hear more of your thoughts around DQXI on the Switch. Maybe even a whole video if you're so inclined. I'm…kind of pissed about it. I supported the US version of the game on PS4 at launch, spent nearly 200 hours on it, and in the last 10 hours or so I learned that I was NOT playing the definitive edition. Can you say…LAME? Will we ever get this content on PS4. For free? For a game of this length, bringing out the definitive edition later is quite the low blow, in my opinion.

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