GS Daily News – PS4 Getting 100+ Games, $25 to use headset with Xbox One?

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Sony are releasing 100+ PS4 games in 2014, PS Vita Slim comes to the US, and why is Microsoft charging you $25 to use your headset with the Xbox One?

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PS Vita Slim Confirmed

M$ Charging $24.99 for Chat Headset Adapter

PS4 Getting 100 Games in 2014

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47 Comments on “GS Daily News – PS4 Getting 100+ Games, $25 to use headset with Xbox One?”

  1. well the only games im looking forward is Watch Dogs release date 06-30-2014…
    – The Division that's another game I wanna get onces it comes out when ????
    – and I heard they gonna make DayZ  on the ps4 im looking forward to that to whatz up ??????

  2. and everybody thought the bad news with xbox was over after they took back all the policy changes with their discs. Microsoft is greedy and will do whatever they want as long as people pay for it

  3. There are only 5 games I'm looking forward to on the PS4.
    1. Watchdogs
    2. Uncharted 4
    3.The Order 1886
    4.Dying Light
    5. Shadow of The Beast.

    And I'm hoping someday in the future, one of these consoles brings back my favourite game of all time which is CONTRA. Contra on the PS4, Wii U, or Xbox One, don't really care as long as they bring back my childhood game.

  4. And what are M$ doing for us wireless headset owners?? I have the Tritton Warhead (which was made for xbox) because I was getting sick of all the wires, are M$ making an adapter for that???

  5. My PS4 lets me use all my PC headsets even the USB ones , and some of them are a few years old , no $25 here. And before you noobs call me a fanboy i game on PC just check my channel.

  6. You guys are stupid. Your getting a adapter to use your old head set which originally was not dev for xb1 25$ is not going to break any one and its worth to use your old head sets. I have personally have a xb1 head set as I can afford it

  7. Looks slick but no LED? Glad I got my $189 Vita bundle in December that came with 3 awesome games. Still can't believe I got it for that cheap. It's a fantastic little device. And remote playing my PS4 (it actually works well) is pretty amazing. Never thought in a million years it would work but now I have access to my PS4 games on the go and it's great.

  8. Microsoft are a bunch of dicks. Pay to charge your controller. Pay to have a battery pack for your controller. Pay for a kinect not many want. Now pay to use your headset you already bought for your 360.

  9. why is everybody always arguing which is the best console??just buy your console or pc and play your games…GROW UP GUYS!!nobody cares if you have either pc, xbone or ps4!!i dont mind buying any console as long as they have Final Fantasy games!…

  10. The Wii U is getting over 100 games too(indie games), but you wont hear that on most gaming sites.  I will admit that my interest in the PS4 has gone up after hear this, though I am still going to wait to see what games are coming.

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