GTA 5 Breaking News: Lizard Squad Hacked PSN and XBOX Live Servers! (GTA 5 PS4 Snow Gameplay)

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GTA 5 Breaking News: Lizard Squad Hacked PSN and XBOX Live Servers! (GTA 5 PS4 Snow Gameplay)

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38 Comments on “GTA 5 Breaking News: Lizard Squad Hacked PSN and XBOX Live Servers! (GTA 5 PS4 Snow Gameplay)”

  1. I didn't actually get any impact on this. But I still know what its like to be hacked. Screw you lizard sqaud. And also, there are people on Xbox who say the are in lizard sqaud. Who would be proud of that!

  2. queston to anyone since the hack been fixed my ps4 still has a issue that started on the 25th, now when I play after 20min or so it spits out the this sumthing psn gona fix or do I have to know pay for this to get fixed and does anyone else have this issue

  3. So many morons still thinking lizard squad where responsible for the network outages. I imagine that must of made them responsible for the network outages last christmas and the Christmas before, also the difficulties peoplebhad getting online on ps4 launch day… I could just say something like "i intend to take down all the cellphone networks on new years ever for 1 hour at midnight" does that make me responsible when they inevitably struggle under heavy load? No it doesn't. This is what really happened, a group of no lifers wanted notoriety and wanted people to think they where "hackers" so they threaten to take out psn on christmas day, due to massively overloaded servers thanks to all the Christmas noobs updating and installing millions of games, consoles and apps, the networks go down, since "lizard squad" want to take the blame for taking it down, Sony and Microsoft are smart enough to pass the blame onto them and still look good in the process, meanwhile some other "hacking groups" decide that they also want free notoriety and try taking the credit for fixing the networks even though the networks fixed themselves due to less traffic. The media love it, Sony and Microsoft love it, and lizard squad become world famous, and a million gamers think their networks where hacked.

  4. Hero Kim Dotcom Stopped & Protected XBox & Playstation From Further Attacks..Full Report on this + Movies/Games/Videos and CIA Secrets..& Thanks for the video.
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  5. To all you hackers out there:

    It may be all fun and games for you to impress your mates by hacking these companies. If this ability is the equivalent of having a 12 inch penis for you then god bless. But for me a day off is rare, and on my day off it would have been nice to unwind by playing video games and utilising my online capabilities. Thank you for shitting on my day off! I hope you all get diabetes so I can hack your leg off and see how much you enjoy hacking! You utter vaginas!

  6. I don't usually ever comment on ps vs Xbox, but of course Xbox is going to have better security, at 48 million users paying $60 a year that's roughly $2880000000( nearly 3 billion) that's this year alone excluding the past couple years… Give Sony time there servers should improve now that psn is mandatory for ps4 now… (Thanks Microsoft for this trend of getting every penny from your customers) Who remembers the mandatory kinects and no game-sharing, 24-7 online stunt they tried to pull, and people still bought that shit after /rant over/ oh also please no pc master race I have a PC, but sometimes people just want to chill on their beds or couches to game not in a desk

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