GTA Vice City Stories – Tips & Tricks – How to steal and "fly" the big plane

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Video


How to steal and “fly” the big plane – After completing the mission “From Zero To Hero”, thanks to a bug, you can get inside the big planes in the Escobar International Airport and fly all over Vice City. You have no control of the plane, the only thing you can do is change the radio station.

It’s not sure, but apparently the bug on all PS2 versions of GTA: Vice City Stories has been patched.


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36 Comments on “GTA Vice City Stories – Tips & Tricks – How to steal and "fly" the big plane”

  1. Every time I try I loose all my armour and a lot of health. Sometimes I get wasted. After several failures it finally happened. The flight was so long I realized there are more than one plane. The flight glitches all textures in sight.

  2. It's possible to get out of the plane without loading save data or committing suicide. When the plane is about to land. quickly tap triangle button when the landing gear touches the ground and it will eject you from the plane.

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