HACKER THINKS I'M HACKING?!? – BO2 IS A MESS… Dropped 2 Nukes Though

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Insert Spiderman meme here…

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41 Comments on “HACKER THINKS I'M HACKING?!? – BO2 IS A MESS… Dropped 2 Nukes Though”

  1. I'm maybe 250 or so hours into the PC version but I feel like I've encountered more hackers on the Xbox version 😢 One of the hacks were so bad, god mode, auto headshots and you literally couldn't open the menu to quit the game because it would automatically close as soon as you open it, had to go straight "home." Such a shame for a game that was so fun.

  2. Getting used to being called a cheater or a hacker on Left 4 Dead 2 is very difficult to get over. Even when you explain to them that it's possible to get snappy aim and be accurate via legit practice ect. How do you cope, TGD?

  3. Yo TGD What binds do you use on your mouse has im always really curious on what you use on all those buttons. Or is it just the mouse shape you like and that's the reason you like the g502? As always awesome video brother!

  4. I gave up trying to play Bo 2 and mw2 because to much hackers now. Games are completely fucked :/ (at least on console they are) it's a shame aswell as they are 2 of the best cods made :/

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