Hackers Episode 1 Gameplay/Walkthrough

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Hackers Episode 1 Gameplay Walkthrough!

Hackers is a game developed by Trickster, a company based in the Czech Republic. The game was made available on 19 September 2016.

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17 Comments on “Hackers Episode 1 Gameplay/Walkthrough”

  1. hey m8. im trying to organize my nodes in a "smart" way but i really dont know what would be a smart way, could u make a "tutorial" that teaches us a bit about what we should think about when organizing the nodes ?

  2. Keep up the good work! I'm level 28, and I have every program besides the maniac. Also, I have a level 10 sentry, level 8 turrets, level 8 black ices, a level 8 scanner, level 6 code gates, and a level 4 guardian. Also, my core is level 8, and my storage is 1500000 money, and 24000 b coined.

  3. Love this game I've had about a week. I hope you can preview some of the program (troops) features in use and nodes . this video early on the attacker used a kracken but I did not see it really do anything.

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