Halo BACK on PC! BIG MCC Announcement This Tuesday

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Microsoft has some BIG news about the Halo: Master Chief Collection coming this Tuesday. Looks like MCC might finally arrive on PC!

Gameplay: Halo: Master Chief Collection (Xbox One)

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27 Comments on “Halo BACK on PC! BIG MCC Announcement This Tuesday”

  1. Pc is overpriced and not worth the money they should retract this idea it's terrible pc players are so toxic and cocky they should only get halo 4 and 5 they don't deserve halo 1 halo 2 halo 3 halo 3 odst or halo reach aka the best games in the halo series

  2. They should do it. Im shocked it didnt happen after last E3 and the big update. Its not about publishing on PC so much as its about owning the marketplace like STEAM, Apple app store, and the Google Play Store. Each of them get a 30% cut on everything sold.

  3. My 360 died like a decade ago to redring and I've been on PC ever since, it would be amazing to play H3 and ODST again. I never even played Reach, so that would be cool too.

  4. a part of me wants it to be MCC coming to switch… because the whole Nintendo and Microsoft working together… but I know it wont happen… at least not this soon

  5. Hell yeah since I already own it on Xbox. I tried to finish the flight on Xbox one but I was only able to finish Halo 2 before I got tired of playing on the controller. Shit if they make us play with a gamepad than it does not make no difference to me.

  6. I have a very good gaming PC and an Xbox one X and I’m a massive Halo fan but ehhhh I don’t really care to much I mean it’s gonna be the same game juts on a pc with the only difference being a key board and mouse at least if they announce that reach is being added there will be new content to the MCC and I would love to play reach with 60FPS instead of the 360’s 30FPS but I’m not against MCC on pc because it will still help out the player base giving it to more people but for someone who has been playing Mcc on Xbox for years it’s a bit underwhelming that all we are gonna get it the same exact experience just on different hardware

  7. Im a huge steam fanboy and the only client right now that i would be okay with taking over steam is windows store, just because of the huge potential in console exclusives and that they could totally get rid of exclusives for good, but windows store would need a total face lift in order for that to happen

  8. gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc gimme reach pc

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