HITMAN 2 – Miami Gameplay Trailer

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With thousands attending the Innovation Race in Miami, navigate the sun-drenched streets and find your targets. Make the world your weapon and choose between many different methods to eliminate Robert and Sierra Knox.

HITMAN 2 releases November 13th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Pre-order HITMAN 2 at www.Hitman.com and join the HITMAN conversation on:

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31 Comments on “HITMAN 2 – Miami Gameplay Trailer”

  1. 1st: Bananas as tools 😉
    2nd: A darker place like a Harbour destrict, a slum in europe, a main station…
    3rd: Places like trains, air planes would be nice or event locations like a Soccer game in a stadium 😉

  2. I’d love to see England or brazil and it would be a cool elimination when Robert goes to the stage in the aquarium and there would be some sort of heavy aquatic animal behind it which u can break and kill him with

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