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A Hotfix is scheduled to release soon to try and fix some of the issues we’re having on Vikendi. Here are the details.

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38 Comments on “HOTFIX Coming Soon To FIX VIKENDI – PUBG Xbox One/PS4”

  1. Yeah when you fall through the map when you hit the water get out of the car or truck what ever you are driving and acend you will pop up on the map and not die

  2. Awesome concept of realistic battle royal, but execution has been abysmal…just a huge pile of failures for over a year…its broken and will never be fixed because they break it more with every "fix".

  3. I hope the patch affects more than just Vikendi. All my friends have been having issues with all maps, Vikendi the worst, since the big update. I'm the only one that can drive Maurados now cuz everyone else falls through the map after 1 kilometer.

  4. I don't get why you guys play this game on consoles. Playing PUBG on a console is like playing Starcraft on a console. It just doesn't work.

  5. It's been almost a month since a full update (vikendi update) within that month we've had one hotfix(2weeks ago) 2 weeks later we are getting another hot fix… Comon Devs get your shit together. Apex is stealing your fambase. Fight back

  6. Anyone else have issues in the lobby? We are constantly having to reform squads by going out to the title screen because someone is readying up, but it won't register, etc.

    I adore this game, but how are they still in business? I work for a company that releases code all the time. We'd be fired in a NY minute if we did anything like what this game has done, and done so for 15 months without getting better? Vikendi should have never been released (or Miramar for that matter), the basic issues aren't being addressed. Every new update breaks the game all over again.

    It's so bizarre

  7. not just vikendi still getting booted still have ads glich and the newly added ping system is bad roght now and dont even get me started on the frame drop issue most of my freinds are leaving im pissed i love the game hate the problems

  8. Way way too long for a hot fix for these issues…… Loading issues, invisible walls while driving in cars, loot tables in other maps not dropping ammo. That's just the bad issues…….

  9. Needs a fix in the worst way. Had a dinner stolen because the last guy on the their squad was swimming under the map. Not to mention seeing kills early on with people shooting clear across villages through unrendered structures. 28th is a ways away but glad a fix is coming.

  10. I used to love pubG, i played it religiously every single night for several hours at a time since the game preview… but for some reason just recently I really struggle to turn it on, I probably haven't played it for at least 3-4 weeks… its just not throwing out content enough or fixing its bugs quickly enough. such a shame.

  11. They need to fix the amount of damage a player can take without armor. I shot this noob with a mk twice in the body and wasted an entire mag (aug) and he didn’t die but one shots me with a shotgun even though I had lvl. 3 armor. I spectated him and he had like 3/4 health. Like wtf

  12. This is not fixing the issue. There shouldnt even be "playdough" buildings to begin with. This is a full release game and is precisely why people are leaving pubg.

  13. Lol this game has gotten to the point where we can really tell that the devs dont care. This shit shouldve been fixed a loooong time ago. I shouldnt need an SSD. I played apex for 2 hours yesterday and got 2 wins. Only ran into a couple small bugs like getting stuck on a rock or landing in an awkward position so last to get loot. Other then that its way better… And i didnt want to say this i love pubg. But im so sick of these problems. They need to make roe or a PUBG sequel thats actually optimized. if they want me to play this shit ever again…

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