How to Backup & Install PS4 Games on Firmware 5.05 | PS4 Dumper Tutorial

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This tutorial will show you how to take your own PS4 games, extract the files to an external drive, repack them into a PKG file, and use that to install them back onto your console for the sake of backup usage and no longer requiring a disc. These PKG based games can be installed and played once PS4 HEN is enabled on your console, which requires (at the moment) a PS4 running firmware 5.05 or lower. If your console is on 5.05 or can be upgraded to 5.05, you can utilize my previously uploaded tutorial to set up your PS4 with PS4 HEN!

Although this tutorial was performed on a 4.55 PS4, this has been tested and verified to be working with the 5.05 Jailbreak. If your PlayStation 4 is on any firmware higher than 5.05, you cannot utilize this tutorial. Downgrading a console is not possible either, so you must wait for an updated exploit to come out or purchase a second console on a low enough firmware. Links to both the tutorial mentioned and possible auctions/sales on compatible PS4 consoles can be found down below in the “Downloads & Links!” section of this description.


This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.


Downloads & Links!

Buy a 5.05 PS4 Here! (Affiliate Link):

How to Jailbreak Your PS4 on Firmware 5.05 or Lower:

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How to Install PS2 Games on a Jailbroken PS4:

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How to Self-Host PS4 Jailbreak Payloads Offline for Firmware 5.05 or Lower:

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Al-Azif’s ps4-exploit-host:

Vortex’s ps4-dumper:

Fake PKG Tools:


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40 Comments on “How to Backup & Install PS4 Games on Firmware 5.05 | PS4 Dumper Tutorial”

  1. I have confirmed that this method still works with the 5.05 Jailbreak. No need to remake the video as the method to do this is the same, just make sure your payloads are updated to 5.05 and you will be fine.

  2. So I have a lot of games on disc and want the convenience of saving them on the HDD. Is this the way to do it? Also, what about online bans, is that a thing??
    Would it be through the PSN Account? Would it be better to get two PS4s? One Modded and one Vanilla to play online with?

  3. MrMario2011 . will any ps4 disc work? even the original retail discs and do things like region and stuff like that matter? I'm new to jaibreaking so your detail explanation is appreciated

  4. Having so many problems I am following this tutorial though so far so good, ill update if it works, so fed up, wish there was an easier way like someone said a multiman or something

  5. Great videos as always. There are a few quirks that I am coming across and I can't find much information about it. This does not always happen but has happened with a few games that I have been trying to re package or dump for the first time. Some examples are : For Doom I dump the disc and make the fake package and install it. Once I launch the game it is unable to create a save game. I have had similar issues trying to install game updates. I installed COD Ghosts update 1.20 retail package dumped the update and made the fake package for the update by selecting the dump I created from disc. Once game loaded its unable to create a save game. I have also tried to repack games that are working with updates. For example Dead Nation with updates. I dumped this game with dumper.cfg set to keep the game and update in the same folder. I repackaged the game it installs fine and runs but will not create a save game. I have deleted previous saves and game data before each install. Been pulling my hair out about this and any info that I could find to fix this issues would be appreciated.

  6. hi, im on 5.05 jailbreak. Im thinking about to update my ps4 so that i can play spider man on my ps4. There are only a few titles i want to have so i thought about updating my ps4. Do you think there will be a mod or downgrade availbe soon to run the newer games? Becaus if not i will update. This is so bad that you have to wait half a year or 1 year to be aible to play newer games.

  7. So I successfully got watchdogs 2 backed up and installed on the PS4 , does anyone know of uncharted 4 will run, It keeps saying error 30008-1 I'm going to try and re copy it and see if it changes.

  8. Everytime I go to make a PKG with the fake PKG I have 2 problems.
    1. The pop-up window that has you name the PKG file and save it is WAY too big on my screen and goes off screen down below the taskbar.
    2. After I choose a name and click save there's no start button.
    (I know this because when I right click the window bar up top and click move. I then use the up arrow button and move the window all the way up and I don't see a start, initiate, compile, or whatever it's supposed to say.)
    How can I fix this problem!? Can anyone help??
    I ran as admin, I made sure it was dumped correctly, and everything else seems to be good.

  9. Thanks for ur effort , keep on going
    I followed ur video step by step for 2 of my disc games , uncharted collection and the last of us remastered , for PS4 5.05 , but after installing the game and the update , when I’m trying to play it it gives me an error for both of them (ce-30008-1) .
    I’m new here , will be grateful if u can help me with this

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