How to Burn Xbox 360 Games

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How to burn Xbox 360 games


-First of all you will need a DVD burner that can burn DVD dl +/- discs
-Then you will need software called clonecd I will provide the link to download it
or download it from,
-Then you need an iso folder meaning a game I get mine from the game is grid
thats the game that i will be using
-And always check if the game is region free or ntsc or pal
If you live in Asia you will need pal, in America and north its ntsc
for that you will need a program called XDVDMulleter google it and download

watch carefully

i am not responsible for anything !

the link for clonecd is:

39 Comments on “How to Burn Xbox 360 Games”

  1. @75GSC57 no you can not, your games either come like pal or ntsc. you cant change the region code. the program is used to check what country it can play in, and it fixs your game up like stealth patching it to play on live.

  2. @75GSC57 xdvdmulleter is a program that checks if the game is region free, or if its pal or ntsc. theres a new program thats been out for a while its called abgx it checks everything for you, and also checks the stealth patch , and fixs it for you, if anythings wrong.

  3. ok pliz help! when i try to burn a game for xbox this is wat i do: download. and then it comes like 20 winrar files. i dont know what to do then so i extract one of them. when i extract them there is a iso file. i thought that was the game so i try to burn it on a verbatim 8x double layer. but it dont work. so pliz anyone what am i doing wrong?

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