How to Get any Pokemon in Sun and Moon – 7th Generation PKHex Tutorial

How to Pokegen/Use PKHex in the brand new Pokemon Games Pokemon Sun and Moon! This very requested video teaches you how you can use PkHex to get ANY legitimate Pokemon you want, along with infinite items in the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon nintendo 3ds games!

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– Ninjahax tutorial:
– PKHex Link –
JK’s Save Manager –

– Music used: Route 15, Battle Vs Lance, Battle vs Hau ( all by Mewmore)
Battle (Friends) XY, Battle vs Elite Four (Sun and Moon), Battle vs Red/Green (Sun and Moon)

26 Comments on “How to Get any Pokemon in Sun and Moon – 7th Generation PKHex Tutorial”

  1. Can people who are like “oh I don’t condemn cheating boohoo hoo.” And “Nooo!!!! This is bad!!! And!!! Illegal!!!” Stfu like why did you even click on the video dumbass don’t come trying to drag people who don’t want to spend the whole game running around stomping on Tauros for hours to mAYBE find the Pokémon they’ve been wanting for awhile and haven’t been getting and don’t come at me with that “wHy ArE yOu EveN pLayInG iF you’Re nOt GonNa pUt In tHe tIIIme aNd EfFoRt” bullshit because maybe I fucking want my favorite Pokémon on my team that not in the game maybe I want to spice up my battles with a new Pokémon I’ve never experienced before and alsO nO ONE CARES IF YOU DONT USUALLY LIKE ‘CHEATING’ BUT THIS ONE IS OKAY.

  2. Lol there is a lot of butt hurt people, does not matter for me because I already beat the game got all the ultras and tapus and my certain legendary I want and the the extra cosmog so yeah…. and I know my comment is a bit late but idc

  3. Maybe Pokemon Company should incorporate a method to make a competitive team in a timely manner. Something where I don't grind for weeks to get a viable team. I have a job and other stuff going on, but I still enjoy some competitive pokemon. So I cheat for my perfectly legal non shiny team. I have the same chances as somebody who didn't cheat to win, I just didn't waste 2 weeks of my life doing it.

  4. I know this an old video so you probably won't see this, but I just want to say thank you for this! It really helped me and now I can get all my favorite mons easy! Just subbed and can't wait to watch more or your vids 😀

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