How to Get Playstation Plus for Free (PS3 & PS4)

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➤NOTE – This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶
Here’s how you can get a free subscription to Playstation Plus by taking advantage of a cool trick. Basically you make the console think that it’s owned by Sony so it gets a free subscription to PSN Plus.

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47 Comments on “How to Get Playstation Plus for Free (PS3 & PS4)”

  1. there is a mac adress in each ps4 if you are creating to many acounts to have free ps plus they gonna ban your console !dont be a smart ass you gonna be fu..ed !!!Click bait video to gain views and ad revenue ! Youtube should strike this channel for things like this !!!! And sony headquarter is in tokyo japan !!! American morons thinking everything is american !!!

  2. Does this work on PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 3 in 2019 because I just tried it at 2 o’clock preferably 208 so I’ll have to wait until 608 to go online to see if it works or does it not work in 2019They didn’t do this on my actual account I’ll pay for it on my actual account and then if it ends up expiring like it did on three Dash nine 2019 so far couple days here I will just use this account if it worked or not my original one just to see if I can just go online until I can pay for my original account I would do it from my original account but I would forget the information to put in so I’m not gonna do that until this works

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