How To Hack PlayStation Accounts Method 2019

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Before this Hack** You must Have the person you want to hack on your friend’s list OR have an active friend request sent out*


Step 1: You will want to compose an email to saying:

Subject: PSN account recovery

Main Part (Body): Dear Sony, I would like to recover my friend’s PSN account. The reason for this is because my friend doesn’t speak English, and he just asked me to recover his account for him and he didn’t use the right email when he signed up for his account. His PSN ID: (The account you wanna hack PSN ID). Your Sign-In ID (, and Password: (Your password)

(You have to send sony your account email and password because you have to prove to them that your his friend and he knows you)

+adding on the fact that you need to provide your account email and password of your account because this is to state and prove you are the owner of the stated *friend’s* account because Sony does take this topic real seriously.

Step 2: When you receive the account information change the account’s email and password so when (the account you want to hack) tries to login he can’t and when he tried to recover his account he will not be able to because the email is changed and the account is then yours to keep.

Hope this helps guys
– I’ve tried it several times and hacked 6 accounts, I tried my best to teach you the tutorial, so please hit that subscribe button as it would help me!

*Update* This does still work but the only thing I’ve realized is that to add on the console you play on with this account. They highly do acknowledge this fact and make sure you add it to ad the *end* of the Email. (etc. PS4 / PS3, or PS3&PS4)

*Thanks for the Support* I will be posting another video, just like this one. So suggest in the comments what you want to see.
+I always try my best to make this easy for you guys, instead of any coding shit. So the emailing/recoveries are the easiest what so ever for anyone capable of type on a keyboard.

(Update 22, August 2019) : Some people are experiencing issues as I noticed. The email must be the exact layout of the email shown and try to be abnormal about what they send you. I will run this hack myself and I will make sure that it still works to this day; I will notify you all again soon.

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  1. Hello. Do you want to hack an account in my place because I can not please. I subscribed to your Youtube channel, I would like to have an account with the game friday the 13th the game with Savini jason on it?

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