How to run PS2 Games Off A USB Stick (Playstation 2 Soft Mod)

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OPL Version 0.9.3:

OPL Version 0.8.0:

How to rip CD/DVD games:

***IMPORTANT: The memory card in this video is called a “Free McBoot” and it is a hacked official Sony PS2 memory card. It is required to run games off a USB stick. In order to make a Free McBoot memory card, you need a system that is already soft modded. Without it, you cannot run games off a USB stick on the PS2.***

Have a PS2 slim that no longer reads discs or memory cards? This guide will assist you in running games off of a USB pen drive. We used to sell Free McBoot memory cards, but due to demand can no longer provide them. They should still be on eBay and Amazon from random sellers.

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