How to set up Game Sharing on Xbox One

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A short walk through on how to set up the game sharing feature with the Xbox One

If you have questions you need to make sure I can reply to your comment to help you.
1. This only works between your console and one other console.
2. If you want to stop game sharing set your own console as home and change your password. If you can’t do this call MS support and they can remove the other console as your home console.
3. This can work with anyone, not just people in the same house.
4. If someone is scamming tag me in a comment below with the person’s name on here so I can block them.
5. I am not responsible for you getting scammed by someone else, if it happens the best thing to do is to contact MS support and let them know someone scammed you for your account.
6. This should take the person 15 seconds total, if it takes longer they’re probably doing something wrong or are trying to change your account settings.
7. I check messages at least once a month, if you have a question I will get to it eventually.

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