IGN News – Grand Theft Auto V Release Date Announced

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IGN News: Grand Theft Auto V Release Date Announced

GTA V has been delayed, meaning we’ll have to wait a little bit longer before we can step into Los Santos again.

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30 Comments on “IGN News – Grand Theft Auto V Release Date Announced”

  1. They must of pulled it back for a reasion and I wud say gta iv was rubish cudnt drive planes or go in are port pluse a lot of other things when gta v is doon I expect it to be the best gta ever with things you cudnt do on gta games befor

  2. You got no point, always pc gets delay for some titles, yet there are games that consoles could never have, should i say "fuck console gamers ?". Nah i'm not gonna become like you.

  3. Well, now that it's delayed and all 4/5 months, they have NO excuses for this game being crap when it releases. they want to polish it up and fix anything that may need tidying up. well lets hope this means that this game won't disappoint

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