IGN Posts Bizarre Video Seemingly Defending 6.5 Days Gone score | Gamespot Review Gets Called Out

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IGN recently posted a strange video that seems to defend its review score of 6.5 for Days Gone and fans of the game don’t seem to appreciate it. On top of the the 5/10 Days Gone Gamespot review got called out by many for not giving the game a fair shake.

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  1. For anyone wondering no this is not just about Days Gone getting lower review scores from IGN Gamespot, its about the issue with these outlets and the people behind them. I'm not trying to make it sound like everything they do or put out or review is a major problem but it becomes very clear at times like this what their agenda is. Not only that but IGN making a video that defending itself and going against its audience is just a bad look and people can see right through it. The fact that outlets like IGN and Gamepot gave games like Sea Of Thieves a 7/10 and Anthem a 6/10 just goes to show how out of touch they really are. Not only that but looking at this Gamespot review it becomes clear that it wasn't a very good review at all and most of the negatives just focused on the narrative of the game, not much about the actual gameplay at all. In my opinion a "professional" reviewer should not just be judging a game on story alone. These outlets have become a joke.

  2. If you listen to IGN then there wouldn't be a gaming industry. Only people that pay them top dollar get their push and backing. Parakeets review games better than these people. And let's don't even get started with the movies. IGN AND Gamespot are trash and their content is trash. Don't fall for the agenda play days gone and enjoy it. Big Ups and Shout outs everyone.

  3. Anthem got destroyed the same way with idiots Literally basing their 'reviews' on what they played in the Domo & Early Access!?! BEFORE! the Day One Patch. I want my reviews based on a Fully Released to Everyone game. Period.

    Yes! Anthem definitely turned out to have it issues But! again, it was Destroyed by Social Media long B4 it was ever Truly released & that's what bothers me…

  4. Because he is a 'gruff white male with a gruff white male name' is why they hate this game.. More than likely, tbe 'Staint' part of his name too.. In very short, they are racist against white people..

  5. The fans are the reviews, game reviews mean nothing, this game is a fucking MASTERPIECE, was it kinda difficult in the beginning learning the mechanics of the game? Yea! But the more you play it the better it gets, as a person who races dirt bikes off road, I can’t tell you how much Fun I have upgrading the bike and riding it off-road

  6. IGN reviews have always been horrible look how they scored pokemon a few years ago and gave it a worse score just because of "Too much water" I stopped listening to IGN's opinion a long time ago. if you want a descriptive and honest review look up ACG on youtube he is one best for game reviews.

  7. What gets me is this got a 6.5 and Tomb Raider 3 got a 9.5 or something like that… That is fucking insane. SOTTR was TERRIBLEEEE. Story was terrible, boring. Puzzles were terrible. Best thing about it was how polished it was and that was it.

  8. For giving low reviews over a game that they haven’t even played or pay any attention to don’t know shit about games that have great storyline telling are ridiculous and should not play games period this game in my opinion was amazing I loved every minute of it

  9. I got this game for pre order. I did hear the negative reviews and almost said screw it I wont play it. I am glad that I did play it though! Now I just have a ps4 and there are still lists of bugs to be fair, cut scenes the audio is way off, a herd appearing out of nowhere and falling through the ground and dieing but the graphics, game play and story makes it worth it.

  10. I dont understand either.
    Literally none of my friends are talking about this game.
    The only gripes I have are 1. The binoculars disappear and only reappear when I close the game completely 2. The birds fly into buildings and kinda just stay there. Easy kill but still. 3. In the beginning when I drove around at times it would freeze and I'd have to restart. 4. I'm used to more missions at a time. Not used to waiting around for them, I wasnt expecting that. 5. Deacon's commentary is unwanted at times. He's freaking out about freaker nests randomly and at times he yells for NO reason, I'm like tf is wrong with him lol we're on a mission. But its kinda funny so I don't mind as much.

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