Joe Rogan Experience #1342 – John Carmack

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John Carmack is a computer programmer, video game developer and engineer. He co-founded id Software and was the lead programmer of its video games Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, Rage and their sequels. Currently he is the CTO at Oculus.

29 Comments on “Joe Rogan Experience #1342 – John Carmack”

  1. 1:09:40 interesting quantum mechanics discussion that is reminiscent of CalTech research professor Sean Carroll, who appeared in episode #1151 of this channel if you’re looking for a deeper dive into the subject. Great interviews 🤙

  2. I like what joe said about a robot in real life when you wear VR! If someone could make a robot that follows movement very close in vr and if they touch in vr they touch in real life.. That would be awesome!
    What a cool training robot that would be. Could go very wrong, but it could also be awesome!

  3. For a senior project in high school, my group of friends re-did Quake as our campus with the teachers as the mobs. Changed the armor to letter-mans jackets and the nails to pencils, good times. It went over well but I feel it wouldn't these days. We had the teacher that everyone hated the most as the Shambler.

  4. These games are breeding the future active shooter I don’t care what the fuck anyone says ….guns are not fucking toys and should never be played with like they’re one.. so dont blame guns then push them on the kids at the same time!!!! Anyone else see this shit????

  5. Doom inspired me to become a programmer because I just wanted to know how the hell someone could put that on a computer screen. Fifteen years in the IT industry as a programmer I am tired of the meetings, personalities and politics. I need to get my love of programming back.

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