Level 10 Core + More Nodes!! Hackers – join the cyberwar! Episode 83

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Checking out the new nodes available and creating a new network layout!
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25 Comments on “Level 10 Core + More Nodes!! Hackers – join the cyberwar! Episode 83”

  1. dude i need you to defend me cx
    i keep getting hack by one of the world best hackers and they are like a leech, for the past 2 days now they been hacking me and no one else has yet as of now and its extremely annoying lol cx but I Still manage to reach my goals (upgrading and rep) and eventually being the best there ever was and you sir had help me alot cx but I need help with this one any advice (i have not reterace them at all yet since I knew i will not win)

  2. You know Laz, your fear of your programs costing too much is really holding you back. My shockers now cost B160 each and my protectors cost B240, but I regularly take in B10,000+ per hack and I'm only a couple levels ahead of you at this point. Level 16+ sentries are no problem for me anymore. Don't be afraid to upgrade them; just don't bother hacking for less than B5,000. That's my two cents, anyway.

  3. laz , you have to upgrade your stealth programs A LOT and i really mean it access has to be at lvl 10ish to be usable a little on look on the wiki and check high lvl scanner multipliers (with lvl 4 access you'd barely be able to kill 1 codegate max soon ) so please , do smth

  4. LAZORIX HELP! I am using your base design at lvl 33, with 3 lvl 8 turrets, 2 lvl 8 black ices, a lvl 9 scanner, a lvl 5/1 guardians, and all the same choke points. But I am still getting hacked? What do I do?

  5. mine server under maintenance too…..:(
    how can I upgrade core to level 9.
    when I collect resources someone always hacks me
    database is barely enough to store money to upgrade core….
    any tips lazorix???

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