Magnavox Odyssey – The First Video Game Console! – Chronicles of Gaming

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Magnavox Odyssey – The First Video Game Console! – Chronicles of Gaming

Exploring the history of the Magnavox Odyssey, and how Ralph Baer introduced video gaming to the world.

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Videogames: In the Beginning – Ralph H. Baer
The Ultimate History of Video Games – Steven Kent
United States Census Bureau

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28 Comments on “Magnavox Odyssey – The First Video Game Console! – Chronicles of Gaming”

  1. My parents bought one of these for me. (Yes, I am OLD) It sucked. My brother and I both hated it. Even Pong didn't work right. There were no top and bottom borders to keep the ball on the screen. And the static cling graphic overlays were horrible. Since we hated it, they refused to get us an Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision etc later on.

  2. The Odyssey is like the gameconsole i feel belongs more to the 1940s then it does to the 1970s. I wonder what took them so long to make this. I mean, we had airconditioning color tv's, fance cars mobile phones etc etc.. Even though not everybody had them afcourse i know that..

    But it feels so weird to me.. Also, technology really took a sprint after the year 2000. That makes it extra weird, knowing this console came out in 1972.

  3. I´ve never got to have or play the Magnavox Odyssey, but i can total figure how outstanding it might have felt back then, i did tried the Atari 2600 my older cousin had it, and my first console was a knock off famicom with some games in the memory

  4. I have a serious question if anyone knows. I know this is the first game console but I've heard different stories. What was the first game ever and I'm thinking it would be on a computer before it was on a console. So what was the first computer gaming

  5. A friend of mine had the Odyssey system, the games were fun, particularly the Haunted House game. Little did we know this was a prelude of what was to come, and be a huge part of our teen years in the 1980s

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