Marvel's Avengers: New Trailer Reveal at The Game Awards 2019?!? Discussion & Speculation!!!

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In this video I discuss & speculate about the possibility of Marvel’s Avengers (The Avengers Project) showcasing a new trailer during the upcoming Game Awards show on December 12th & what they could potentially show off for the game overall. Thank you all so much for watching True Believers, and make sure to like this video, share, comment, and subscribe!

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33 Comments on “Marvel's Avengers: New Trailer Reveal at The Game Awards 2019?!? Discussion & Speculation!!!”

  1. Look all I got to say is you can't say the Avengers game is gonna be bad cuz it's not out yet and you know nothing about it you don't, I don't, none of us do, just buy the game or don't simple

  2. If you ever played ultimate alliance or marvel heroes online and you loved it and criticized this game and love games like God of war you a hypocrite now I can honestly say I'm hyped for this but not all that because they are keeping it under wraps similar to how they put out teasers for movies then months earlier then give you a dry spell for awhile then in a few months before release start building the hype back up with trailers and more info so I kinda understand

  3. With all the backlash for this and all the new Batman game hype, I absolutely REFUSE to give up on this game. They're marketing like this purposefully. I feel they have a plan. Let's not forget, Spider-Man PS4 received similar criticism. I have faith in this game because Bill Rosemann and Marvel are at the helm. #AvengersItrust!

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