MechWarrior 5 Opening Cinematic

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Welcome to the year 3015 and the Battletech universe. It is the Succession Wars, and you’ll be in the middle of it. The classic MechWarrior franchise returns with its long-awaited fifth mainline entry on December 10 on PC through the Epic Games Store.


50 Comments on “MechWarrior 5 Opening Cinematic”

  1. The first mw5 teaser trailer made years ago was far superior. Music was meh at best, the script was awful and the cit scenes cheap boring nonsense. Its clear that the company need to hire people who are better in these areas

  2. oh YUCK!
    An opening cinematic for a MW game should give one goosepimples…..this just makes me feel constipated.

    this screams "placeholder art" Who signed off on this lame-assed thing?

  3. Wait, if this is set in 3050,that means that we're dealing with Operation REVIVAL and the Clans!

    Why haven't we seen any Clan OMNImechs and elementals running around?

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