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DO NOT BUY METRO EXODUS PS4. If you want to try the game out properly, get it on PC with the stupid Epic Games Store nonsense or wait until the Steam unlock in a year. Caddy found this out the hard way. But how does Metro Exodus do itself as a game? It’s time to find out with my Metro Exodus review. ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

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Metro Exodus is the 3rd game in the Metro series, following Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. After the smooth and solid Metro Redux collection for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, people got to experience some of the more underground (HAHAHA) survival horror hidden gems with 2033 Redux and Last Light Redux in the best priced bundle – which not only got more fans into the franchise, but equally left old fans excited for the prospects of a new sequel. Then it was announced – Metro Exodus – and when the Metro Exodus trailer dropped, people went mad. And some were a little skeptical, since it did seem to take a brand new angle with its gameplay from claustrophobic tunnel horror to open world survival. As far as Metro Exodus gameplay is concerned, that will be covered a bit in this review – but unfortunately most of it will be dedicated to the bugs, glitches and insane issues of the PS4 version, since Caddy didn’t want to put more personal info online with yet another PC online store front with Epic Games. After only getting 5 hours into the game itself (possibly making for the worst Metro Exodus walkthrough series if it were made), Caddy gave up due to a mix of circumstances to do with performance and gameplay, meaning he didn’t even make it to the ending. Oh well, I’ll explain more about it in this video – so sit back and enjoy this brief Metro Exodus review, specifically, Metro Exodus PS4! Help me.

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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: the epic games store ain’t so epic, huh

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44 Comments on “Metro Exodus PS4 – Caddicarus”

  1. maybe instead of making sneaky deals with epic to release it exclusive on pc they should have not done that and delayed the game to fix their crap bugs!

    and whats funny one of the creators said if people boycotted the pc one due to the epic release they would never make a pc version again and only focus on console…pft okay look what happened to the ps4 one XD

  2. Hey Caddy. I bought this game digital on the ps4 and had no issues. That being said I totally agree with you about the game overall about watering down of what made the other games great. Awesome video

  3. Maybe because I've been binging older caddicarus videos, but I just realized that lately the slaughter and salvage ratings have been dropped. I think it makes sense though due to the nature of those words online

  4. ps4 version sucks, try the PC version, don't have almost any of this problems, sound is very good and i dont remember to face any major bug in my playthrough, give it a try o/

  5. A controversy is a prolonged public disagreement or heated discussion. So 99% of communications on the internet then… Worth noting that a controversy doesn't have to about something bad, just that debate and discussion is occurring.

  6. I had the same issue with aiming in this game, like why is it so damn difficult in a game where precision is so important? I felt like nobody was talking about this so thanks for bringing it up.

  7. When you do give this game another go, I implore you to play the game on the hardest difficulty. It fixes some of the issues you have with the open world aspect of the game and makes the game so much more atmospheric.

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