Metroid Prime 4 Gameplay Reveal at E3 2018?

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Will Metroid Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch get a new Trailer Revealing Gameplay at E3 2018?

We explore the possibilities in this episode of Inside Metroid Prime 4!

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32 Comments on “Metroid Prime 4 Gameplay Reveal at E3 2018?”

  1. To be honest I actually hope it comes out in 2020-2021 as they would have more time for development. More time to think of the story. How they left off at metroid prime 3 was a huge meh in my opinion. ESPECIALLY the last boss. Like, seriously? I hope metroid prime 4 has unreal engine 3 at least but it has been confirmed that unreal engine 4 can run on the switch. If they have more time, they can think of a better story, graphics, gameplay, and more! They shouldn't be feeling rushed. The game will be a huge disappointment as we've set our expectations really high so it'll be a let down if it comes out this year or next year. I'm just glad we have the confirmation of development. We DONT want another federation force. Do we?

  2. Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t fuck up and make it only for the switch, because it was intended to be on the wii u and I don’t have a switch… nintendo, dont f**k up

  3. Ive played Corruption on an emulator with an xbox one controller the motion based controls werent hard to play with on a controller, pulling stuff etc. I prefer a controller tbh

  4. If they don’t show Metroid Prime 4 then they’re stupid. Also, I don’t see what the big deal is about Super Smash Bros. I mean, it’s kind of fun, ok, but if you played one then you’ve kind of played them all.

  5. Have no clue how they're going to do this when I heard Metroid Prime was completely destroyed in part 3. No spoilers please. I have yet to play the game but someone told me there was nothing left of the creature after part 3. So, how can Metroid Prime still be alive? Unless there's more than one. Like another Metroid made the same way.

  6. Damn, I HOPE that MP4 will be at 2018 E3! Us Metroid fans are just salivating for a new one after Samus Returns' superb job on reviving the 2d Metroid series with the free aim and 2.5d graphics and the fact that takedowns (which were first featured in Other M) returned and gave Samus back some of her rep of being Nintendo's Badass Bounty Huntress which Samus getting up and personal with the metroids especially the counters for the Zeta and Omega Metroids (both of which were featured in the free downloadable trailer in the eShop for the 3ds from the last E3) and bosses. ESPECIALLY the Diggernaut's fight and the Final boss and no, the Queen is NOT the FINAL BOSS

  7. ive been a metroid fan for years and im glad they are bringing back metroid prime back but with way better graphics and animations.

    dont get me wrong i enjoyed the living shit out of the first prime game.

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