Microsoft Details Project X Cloud Streaming Service, Public Trials Coming Soon – Inside Xbox

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The cloud-based streaming service is looking to expand gaming to every device, and trials start this year.

Halo Master Chief Collection PC Announcement Trailer:

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33 Comments on “Microsoft Details Project X Cloud Streaming Service, Public Trials Coming Soon – Inside Xbox”

  1. Better idea than this: Making 2 consoles (both Sony and Microsoft). One for the core audience and only home entertainment with immense power, the other like the switch. People could decide if mobile but less power or more power and no mobile 🤷‍♂️

  2. Also also , if we are playing games from servers, I believe that hardware shouldn’t be an issue anymore. No limitations. If you have everything at the farms, the games should stream ridiculous worlds and games that have no limitations. I think devs could utilize this and say okay, we are going to make games with 2080tis etc…and stream it…however while watching her play, it was some significant lag…

  3. Sony on iPhone Microsoft on switch
    Hmm but no news from Nintendo yet maybe the new switch will make this cloud sharing easier I’m waiting on the what Nintendo is cooking up before I buy a switch

  4. You can see the lag by the controls on the screen and i am assuming they are using a pretty fast wifi connection for this demo. If such a fast wifi connection shows lag what will happen to people with basic to average connections. Just my opinion.

  5. She is really bad at acting all she had to do was hold the gas down and move the stick in the direction of the car but nope she was tapping gas over and over and moving the stick back and forth awkwardly lmao it was clearly fake and they way she pretended to play that game looked like she has never used a controller in her life lol

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