Microsoft Makes Surprise Last Minute Xbox Announcement And It Proves Sony Was Wrong!

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Microsoft makes a habit out of making some pretty surprise announcements BEFORE an Inside Xbox show, and it looks like that trend continues with this latest news! This might have made for bigger news on the actual show though.



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39 Comments on “Microsoft Makes Surprise Last Minute Xbox Announcement And It Proves Sony Was Wrong!”

  1. You do realize that Platformers and Studios have been working hand-in-hand like this for many years since the Atari 2600! Of course they're going to start hiring new people for new projects sometimes employees leave to go to a different project or a different company so they have to hire new people. There's nothing special about this kind of news. Try again

  2. If a Sony fanboy cries in the woods about Xbox single-player games, and nobody is around… does it make a noise?

    No. But it might look like the comments section here, lol

  3. Hang on, The Initative was announced at last year's e3, right? And they're only now putting out recruitment videos…? Good luck on getting the first Xbox exclusive out for the next gen release…

  4. I feel sorry for xbox youtubers they really have nothing to talk about..nearly 2 min before this guy starts talking and then colt Eastwood makes a 10 min games pass ad and 5 min of that was showing games that are on games pass without him saying a word and dealer gaming makes an 8 min video about Google and repeats himself 20 times without discussing anything gotta pad that video out…its a new low for xbox gaming.

  5. Not only do us Xbox fan's have to put up with Microsoft playing silly game's with the current brand but we also this arse clown, Christ. It's not easy, I can tell you that. God, I miss the day's of the original Xbox and 360.

  6. But I thought single player story games are dead and one and done oh and walking simulators? Now you have a boner for a potential single player story game? ???

  7. When you have a quality console like the ps4 u don't need to wait for a next gen console, the stuff you already have is the best, what makes you think a more powerful xbox will solve anything the xbox one x didn't solve anything u just got shit games in 4K

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