Microsoft Promises Huge Windows 10 and Xbox One Updates – DB News

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11 Comments on “Microsoft Promises Huge Windows 10 and Xbox One Updates – DB News”

  1. Microsoft details Creators Update for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

  2. Number 1 thing they need to work on, The UI. The Xbox One UI is terrible, has been since launch.
    And Windows should just realize that the market share for Win10 gaming is so minimal, that all it is doing is hurting gaming. Get rid of xbox connectivity via windows, integrate it into steam, so that it isn't cutting off a huge chunk of gamers from the rest of the pool.

  3. Great video man! Heard a lot of good stuff about beam, I help out a lot of people with streaming setups and the always ask about lag between streamer and viewer and its good to know that someone out there has been figuring it out!

  4. Great video. I love it how you ask for your viewers' opinions at the end with the questions. I'm not sure I have anything to add to this particular discussion but perhaps in future videos :).

  5. I know free is best, but imo they need to renovate what type of games they give for free for Gold members, usually they are decent platformers or 3.5 or lower rated survival games. When October 2016 rolled around, that would've been a great opportunity to release Outlast, to atleast rival with the PS4, who released it way before. But instead, they released some throwaway survival game that nobody heard about besides a viral commercial.

  6. An improvement I'd like to see for the Xbox One is longer recording times. You can only record 5 minutes, 10 tops if you do a little trick. Whereas the PS4 can record up to an hour!

  7. Sounds like good updates. I've been waiting years for Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft to really pay attention to doing stuff between their consoles and the PC gaming world. Microsoft has done the best job so far and it's nice to hear they have those upgrades planned.

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