Microsoft Xbox Game Pass for PC Initial Review and Impressions

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Sign up for Gamepass: (affiliate link) – I upgraded my Xbox Gold account to Game Pass Ultimate. Here’s what PC users can expect from Microsoft’s gaming subscription service. See more gaming: and subscribe!

00:56 – Game Pass Defined
01:28 – Deal Explained
02:50 – Pricing
04:08 – How PC Gamepass Works
04:44 – PC game selection discussion
05:50 – Game selection on Console
06:34 – PlayAnywhere Cross Platform
07:17 – Syncing Saves Between PC and Xbox One
08:59 – Sync Warning
09:28 – Not all cross platform games sync saves
11:03 – Conclusion and final thoughts

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36 Comments on “Microsoft Xbox Game Pass for PC Initial Review and Impressions”

  1. finally Microsoft have started to realise pc is a very important platform considering it out performs even an xbox one x if you have a decent build like me, guilty pleasure though, always been a console gamer I do have an xbox one x but the graphics and frame rate are night and day, now Microsoft has phil spence in charge here we are getting this pc recognition now as he understands a platform like pc isn't going away anytime soon, in all honesty I have expected this coming, they did try 10 years back with GFWL which wasn't great but it was an attempt to bridge the 2 platforms, they have evolved that idea now and its looking better than ever, however they need to be more competitive with pricing as some games on the store I can pick up for maybe 20 pounds cheaper than the Microsoft store on a third party cd key retailer.

  2. Is this the only way PC players will be able to play Halo whenever it comes out? Or, can I just buy the game and play it (online) without gold or any of these game passes?

  3. I’ve loved game pass so far. I think it’s one of the best deals in gaming. I see you have the same Alienware laptop I had. Have you been looking into the m15 r2?

  4. I like it for a dollar but Im not sure about paying $5 definitely wouldn't pay $10 simply because of the awful glitches. Played metro for hours then it stopped letting me play it had to uninstall and it still doesn't download. Then I played Tomb Raider and lost hours of save data for seemingly no reason. My guess is an old cloud save overwrote my newer save but since we have almost 0 control of where anything is stored I can't be sure. Now the app freezes up anytime I open it so I can't download any other games. Still worth it, Microsoft just needs to fix a lot of issues because it's too buggy even for a beta

  5. No need to panic for those who can't afford to extend their Live for 3yrs as I've seen sites selling 3 months of Ultimate for £11, so if you got 4 of those for £44 its just £2 more than you would find those sites selling Live for (of course the offers won't last forever, but you can guarantee they will have them again during Black Friday/Xmas deals etc.).

  6. I think it's quite clever and really good trick to extend this service to pc. I believe it is a move against Linux gaming that's getting fairly good on pc's. Some people seem to be all "I must own title" persons, but imo this subscription model could be beneficial for gamers and devs too. Plus it's good that Steam gets bit competition as it's been pretty much in a monopoly status and I'm fairly confident that Xbox Game pass is going to increase competition in that regard. Just bought stuff from Steam sales for about 50euros and now I'm feeling a bit bad about that. I think I should've kept that in savings for Xbox one game pass.. I was originally looking to pass Xbox completely on this generation of consoles, but ms is doing well as I'm now seriously looking for it. Well done Microsoft ?

  7. Don't buy first party titles if you can avoid it. I got stung immediately buying Gears4 & Halo Wars. If you can wait, these titles come eventually. I don't think they anticipated that this will hit their internal products the worst. I'm sure they'll produce plenty of games I'll want to play, but I'll just wait until I can sign up for a fraction of the selling price. They seem to like day-1 game pass launches too.

  8. I tried it out when they launched the deal, and as a retro and indie gamer, I love the selection. However I mostly play games on Steam via Steamlink on my phone or TV.

    Is there an easy way to Stream these games to my Steamlink box or phone?

  9. I topped up mine & converted, so I’m also covered until 2022! One thing for folks outside the US: if you have multiple accounts or change your region (like I do) to buy from multiple stores, make sure you add the Xbox Live Gold prepaid cards & sign up for Ultimate on your Xbox, not on Microsoft’s website. I ran into multiple “region mismatch” errors on the web, but my Xbox One handled everything beautifully. AMAZING deal!!

  10. I had Killer Instinct. They said you can play for free on pc if you bought it for console. Was going great until massive updates for the game. The updates were just as big as windows 10 updates. It took over my hard drive.

  11. I signed up for the PC version for $1 now and $5/month. Not a bad deal considering this is the only other way you can play Metro: Exodus right now without having to install the trash that is the Epic Games Store. What would really make the service a home run is if it offered the ability to stream games from your desktop to another Windows 10 computer – a Microsoft version of Steam in-home streaming if you will.

  12. Hi Lon; are all the games on Xbox Game Pass UWP format? All the Play Anywhere games would have to be UWPs but I'm just curious if all these games were ported on that format or if Microsoft licensed a few games that needed a Direct X download or something like that

  13. i think a xbox game pass is well worth it, lon
    i like the catalog they have
    there is a fairly good selection of games
    though there are ones that are i would find enjoyable for both a xbox and the pc
    i noticed it had a game for game pass that i had seen playthroughs of on youtube called Disneyland adventures
    its a adventure game where your exploring disneyland and doing fun activities and meeting the disney characters
    its games like that that may be worth the xbox game pass

  14. I use Microsoft reward points. It takes 35,000 to get 3 months of game pass ultimate. right now I have 113547 points . I did the 1 dollar Ultimate right as it was mentioned during E3. I will use those points before next payment due in April 2020.

  15. What you should do is set yourself up with up to 36 months of live buying codes from Amazon or the grocery store first. Then do the $1 upgrade offer. Mine is good until November 2022 is when it says it will charge me $14.99.

  16. I tried this. I joined a couple months ago for $1 for three months, and $30 every three months after that. I only downloaded and played State of Decay 2. It seemed fine but when I tried to go back last week, they just kept circling me around in a loop telling me I needed to "join" to do anything even though I was already logged in. Logging in and out repeatedly didn't seem to help at all…I finally just canceled my subscription. They need a dedicated app that works as flawlessly as steam does. Their website is just a mess!

  17. It’s things like this that will keep me on Xbox for the next gen of consoles. Even if the PS5 is more powerful, they don’t have the ecosystem that Microsoft has. Xcloud is coming and Stadia looks like a joke. All we need now is game pass on the Switch!

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