Mount and Blade: Warband Review

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Mount and Blade: Warband reviewed on Xbox One by Leif Johnson. Also available on PlayStation 4. And of course it’s on PC as well, but that’s an entirely different situation.

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38 Comments on “Mount and Blade: Warband Review”

  1. my personal rating is 9/10, extremely hard, but that's where the fun is, sometimes it's just hard to get quests to do, and other then that it's perfect, but 6.8? really? is IGN serious about this?

  2. 'Outdated Graphics'
    Published september of 2016
    Game released March of 2010
    Wtf is your point? a 6 1/2 year old game won't have graphics from the future. You can't take points off a review for a game having graphics from its own time lmao.

  3. IGN reviews are for the hyper casuals. If your not in that category then just move on. I dont understand the people in the comments section crying over their favorite game getting a low score. A casual will find this game to be dated in several aspects.

  4. Why so many dislikes? WTF
    IGN reviews are super helpful.
    Played this game because IGN gave it 6.8 and now it is my most favorite game of all time.
    thank you IGN. 🙂

  5. It's one of the most underestimated games in history. I've played it on PC many dozens of hours. There are no analogues for this game. It's a unique simulator of the medieval warlord
    , I suppose. The most important thing for any videogame is a gameplay, and in Mount & Blade gameplay is perfect.
    Sorry for my non-native Eng.

  6. guys, when will you understand, the way ign rates games, is of a specific context. its not if the game rules, has deep artistic meaning or groundbreaking gameplay
    the context is if the game is appropriate for general-normie audiences. nothing else. its like rotten tomatoes for movies or the grammys for music

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