Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem | World Premiere Official Trailer

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Official trailer for the 33rd installment in the Nancy Drew game series by Her Interactive. Pre-order now only at Game releases December 3rd, 2019.

Nancy Drew unexpectedly finds herself in Salem, Massachusetts investigating an arson at the haunted Hathorne House. As Nancy races to uncover the truth behind the arson, she discovers connections to the house’s past with the Salem witch trials and finds herself drawn into a struggle with supernatural events that she simply can’t explain. Nancy’s convictions are put to the test. Are the ghosts real? Has Salem’s dark history come to life, or is there someone else to blame? Time is short and, you as Nancy Drew, must gather clues, solve puzzles and interrogate suspects to find the answers before the clock strikes midnight in this all new 3D mystery adventure.

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24 Comments on “Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem | World Premiere Official Trailer”

  1. I’m so appreciative of everyone’s hard work on the games over the years. Including this one. But I am disappointed as well – I love all the features of past games. The music, the display, the text boxes. The rich scenes. Etc. I wish that didn’t change. Not everything has to be new and trendy and modern – we play these games because they take us back. I’ve played nearly every game over the years. I’m just really sad to see everything change. I’ll always be in support. But still bummed.

  2. real talk- do you all need a patreon or something? i will do that to help, but you guys need to do better.
    i've been playing since 2001 and bought every game in a physical copy to try to help you guys. let me help you

  3. Wow……after all this time waiting, I expected a lot more in terms of graphics. The previous games look better than this at this point in my opinion. I'm still going to play it but I'm happy to wait awhile.

  4. The graphics are crap especially on the people after like 4 or 5 years in development, the voice acting is awful and to me, the new Nancy voice just doesn’t sound right, really it’s got the name of Nancy Drew but it’s not Nancy Drew at all anymore…

  5. Why does it look soooo bad? And why the heck did you let the original nancy voice actor go? I'm going to buy this but if it's as bad as this trailer looks, i'm going to have to say goodbye to HER interactive and Nancy Drew. What the actual hell you guys?

  6. Also, just a historical note from someone who grew up in Massachusetts: The name is pronounced "Haw-thorn," as in author Nathaniel Hawthorne, who was actually related to the Judge Hathorne that presided over the Salem Witch trials. Nathaniel changed the spelling of his surname in his 20s out of shame for what his ancestor had done.

  7. OMG!!!! Guys, this game is amazing!!! The trailer doesn't do the game justice!!! Its absolutely spectacular!!! :'DDDDD I'm literally crying hahaha. The final game just came out and I'm playing it and the rendering is wayyy better! Lip-syncing is much better too!!! NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! So happy for HER, its a success so far!!!

  8. I know everyone is commenting on the horrible character models and the fact that the dialogue isn't even synced to the lip movements, and that's fine. It's there. It's bad. But can we also talk about how incredibly stilted the dialogue appears to be in this trailer? I mean, seriously, the line reads are so wooden. Did no one give these VAs any direction on how to say their lines? Or was that person part of the half of Her Interactive that got fired?

  9. Man I feel bad for Her Interactive. Whoever is in charge crippled the company when they decided to aim for a mobile market, and then threw the series into a coffin when they hauled production for four years, the final nail will be this game which will be a disappointment to many and will be the Swan Song for the beloved game series

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