NASCAR Heat 4 Game Review

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In this video we do a complete game review of NASCAR Heat 4.We take a look at the pros and cons of the game along with answering the question: Is NASCAR Heat 4 a Good Game?



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50 Comments on “NASCAR Heat 4 Game Review”

  1. So when I started my career I joined a team and drove my DOW sponsored car. But the next year I started a team and chose the mnt. Dew sponsor but it kept the DOW on my car it never changed to mnt. Dew? I see people with the NAPA sponsor on there car. I was really looking forward to making a bad ass Mnt. Dew car. Lmk if you’ve heard anything about this!

  2. I think it's far and away better than 09… I hated everyone of these heat games until now.. But now I gotta say I'm a fan… Needs some tweaks but overall 9.5 all the way…

  3. I’m glad you can now race at any track expect for Eldora for Cup and Xfinity. But I wish the Clash, duels and the All-Star was in the game. The last the All-Star race was in a NASCAR game was NASCAR 15. And we are all asking for the All-Star to come back

  4. Yo nobody has a video specualating about the season pass idk i would hop on it. They gace hints about it but not really any info but with those hints we can speculate
    I'm just too lazy too do it and working on celebrity death match for my channel next is ronald McDonald vs Cornell sanders

  5. I want to know what else we are getting with the season pass like other legends tony steuart maybe. What about good ole matt or mark. Maybe more sponsors for career so i can make like dales car or tony Stewarts ya know real brands. Fucking mickys ds who knows lol

  6. IDK, great review. I sent you a message on your video here about importing custom paints as I can confirm it still works in Heat 4 using UABE. I wanted to upload my paints for my career mode cars but I do not know what the file names for my custom created cars are. I can only see the other driver name files, what would the name of my custom cars be?

  7. next up, we need different layouts of the tracks like how they do in f1 games
    for example: you can race at tracks like the daytona roval, the different road america layouts, the homestead roval, and more

  8. Needs fights,
    every part time driver who makes a start
    Cars More realistic
    Online championships
    Texting back to drivers
    Some drivers better a current tracks than others
    More realistic wrecks and damage
    Caution replays if there was a wreck
    Real drivers on dirt
    Arca and k&n
    More paint schemes
    Better difficulty levels
    Rain delays
    Kicked out of rides
    Career in jeopardy
    Arguing with drivers
    Injured drivers
    Backup cars
    Passing inspection
    Talking with spotter and crew chief
    Changing crew chiefs
    Owning other cars and hiring drivers
    Signing autographs
    Driver start your engines
    National anthem
    AI can wreck you

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