Need for Speed HEAT 2019 – GAMEPLAY Trailer Breakdown! (New Cars, Miami, Story & More!)

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NFS Heat’s trailer JUST DROPPED, so we’re breaking it down to cover everything. I’m so excited words can’t describe!
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Music provided by Rujay.
Instrumental: “*** Em”, “Brxzy” & “The Road” by KM Beats.

♫ Outro music by Madloops

47 Comments on “Need for Speed HEAT 2019 – GAMEPLAY Trailer Breakdown! (New Cars, Miami, Story & More!)”

  1. If you go to need for speed website and click on NFS heat and click on pre order it. Look at the delux edition and look and the pre order bonuses it says Four exclusive character outfits

  2. cant wait for the dumb crybabies who are going to buy this game and then be like "oh no, it sucks AGAIN, just like the past 8 nfs games…this is so crazy! im so stunned! how dare you EA!!!!" while you already shoved the 60 bucks down their throat so they dont give a single shit about you anymore lol. its depressing how you turds get fooled year by year again. This NFS will suck, just like the last 8 nfs games did.

    And I already bet my nutsack, how this game is once again going to sell millions of times while the average ratings will sit at 40-45%.

  3. This game looks awesome. But PLEASE EA, DO NOT make this game 'Online Only' or require a constant Internet connection for their servers. PLEASE. And for people in the comments section that are saying 'don't worry, EA have confirmed there will NOT be MTX in this game', don't forget Activision said the same thing and 'confirmed' there wouldn't be MTX in CTR-NF and look what happened there. They dropped a week or two ago. DO NOT trust any publishers that tell you that. ESPECIALLY EA.

  4. I hate break to drift i hate that trash arcade baby handling from payback, make the game more difficult and the cars the have a center have gravity that the cars in pro street and most wanted 2005 had

  5. No microtransactions, semi-realistic handling, although fh2 handling would be dope, extensive customization, extensive upgrades, hyperrealistic physics(I'm looking at you 2015 😉 and A fookin good storyline, because who doesn't like a good story?, also, trailer sounded really cheesy, please lose the fookin cheese! if all this was included, You have a really solid game aye.

  6. I think it is called heat because the main enemy is the police and in every nfs game when you got in a pursuit there where 5 fire emojis they were called heat
    Ps: sorry if it difficult to read my English is no my main language

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