New Diablo II Patch – 1.14a (Gaming News)

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Diablo 2 has released its first patch in years. 1.14a….but it looks like Blizzard is going to start supporting Diablo II allot more based on the official blue post and recent updates to other classic Blizzard Titles.
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  1. Diablo 2 is Bots, cheaters, and losers. Other than lan parties with old computers for fun diablo 2 has been perma shelved for me. If Blizz makes a HD remastered cut like they did for starcraft with a few add ons to make the story flow a little better, I'll be right their next to the rest y'all.

  2. O im sorry did this effort completely fall on your heads? Because in the end just because a few hardcore diablo2 fans say diablo 3 is "bad"doesn't make it so. D3 WAS BAD, and they should have given us all ROS for free for the debacle of releasing diablo 3 as it was at release. But its an amazing game now, and has been for 3 years. Replayability if off the scale. People who were hardcore diablo 2 fans just can't stand that you don't need to level a new character to try a new build. they hate the fact there's "more difficulty settings"…. uhh thats cuz its a game you dummies. no one is forcing you to play beyond the first 3 difficulty levels and you can find ALL the same gear in normal as you can on T13.

  3. So why didn't you show us v1.14 in this video? You said this game has the future, so why not showing the latest version of it? Because it looks like crap and has no future whatsoever?

  4. i hope they could optimize diablo 2 for touch screen platforms. all the icons are big enough to tap on, but movement and combat isn't quite smooth

  5. That video shows v1.12 gameplay with extended resolution, which clearly means it's running D2MultiRes. That has nothing to do with the new v1.14 changes.

  6. If any one interested : The Curse of Tristram Destruction's end (Alpha) Trailer1 , D2 with the engine of SC2 …..looks great 😀

  7. btw anyone still having trouble running this game or getting it to work properly, just go to google and type in "3dfxglide" should be first on the list, enter the site and find the download section, top of the list… will solve many compatibility issues and video format. Just put the file in your d2 folder, run the video test and choose 3dfxglide.

  8. So If I am running the multires patch, then there's no point in downloading/patching my game to 1.14a/b(whatever) then right? Because it will break the multires patch? Thanks for the info Drive thru…..
    Mkayy so for the next half-hour I'm gonna google Diablo II 1.14a multires and see what happens…i bet NOTHING .
    ** no multires for 1.14** MOVE ALONG NOTHING TO SEE HERE.** Back to Grim Dawn… O Looky 1.14d is out ….*yawn…

  9. Why the hell do you guys want high resolutions in this game so bad? It doesnt even increase the amount of detail, it just zooms out everything, including hud. This causes it to break immersion as well, because you can see outside of outside areas. (The black void outside the desert area shown in the video for example.)

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