*NEW* Fortnite 7.01 Update! | Infinity Blade Gameplay – How The Sword Works!

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Fortnite New 7.01 Update – Infinity Blade Gameplay. We discuss how the Sword works!

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42 Comments on “*NEW* Fortnite 7.01 Update! | Infinity Blade Gameplay – How The Sword Works!”

  1. Got a idea there is no evidence to it just think it may work. The snow will melt as the seaspn goes on and the water around island will rise and there will be a big tsunami that could be season 8

  2. The sword is called the infinity blade, as it is from the trilogy of mobile games, also named Infinity Blade, which is run by the Unreal Engine which is owned by Epic Games (or the over way round idk to be honest)

  3. Hey Rusher! I have both supported you in the item shop and I have a Block challenge entry that I think could win and i would like for you to show in a video if you can please. If you will, reply to this and I'll find a way to stay in contact with you

  4. The sword either needs to be removed or needs to be a LTM bc there’s no counter to it and in late game if u are going up against it u lost the game u can build against it u can’t just sit there and shoot bc you’ll get killed in 2 hits

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