NEW Fortnite Update 1.8 (Leaderboards/Character Customization/ Season Levels ) Oct 26

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Players can now purchase a unique array of outfits, gliders and pickaxes in the new item shop.
Offers will rotate on both a weekly and daily basis
All items sold are cosmetic only and do not grant any competitive advantage
Purchased items can be equipped in the new locker screen prior to starting a match

Players can customize their character’s appearance in the new Locker menu with the following options:
Set your banner image and color
Equip any purchased outfits, gliders or pickaxes

Rank up against other players and friends in the following categories:
Total Wins
Top 10
Top 25
Top 5
Top 12
Top 3
There are currently two types of leaderboards:
Division leaderboard
A division is a group of 50 active players competing against each other to see who will take top the spot.
You are automatically assigned to a new division each week.
Each match type (Solo, Duos and Squads) gets its own separate division.
Friends leaderboard
Compare yourself to your friends by turning on “Friends Only” on the leaderboard screen.
All leaderboards reset weekly on Wednesdays. Only players on your platform are included in the rankings. Expect improvements in upcoming releases.

Seasons will give the player a chance to level-up their character and earn unique seasonal rewards and banner flair.
The first season will give players a chance to level up to 100, with player level displayed on their banner.
Banner flair is awarded in levels 2-49, giving players an additional way to show off their mastery.
There are 2 unique rewards that will be provided in the first season. These will only be earned by seasonal progress and cannot be obtained by other methods at this time:
Level 10 – Unique seasonal banner
Level 25 – Unique seasonal glider
Players can boost their seasonal levels by participating in Daily Challenges.
A new challenge will be provided each day with the ability to have up to 3 active challenges in total
Completing Daily Challenges will provide the player with seasonal level XP

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