*NEW* Fortnite Update! | S10 Battle Pass Info, New Maps Confirmed, Robot Jetpack!

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Fortnite New Update – S10 Battle Pass Info, New Maps Confirmed, and the Robot Jetpack is what we discuss today!

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Trios Cash Cup Issue from FortNiteBR

The head of Robot will appear in the game after next patch!Next Week! PicVia:(@Hypex) from FortNiteBR

Team Rumble & Large Team LTM update! from FortNiteBR

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29 Comments on “*NEW* Fortnite Update! | S10 Battle Pass Info, New Maps Confirmed, Robot Jetpack!”

  1. If fortnite ever has new maps i just hope fortnite doesnt go throught what pubg has gone,with the entire dividing the community with which map they like the most

  2. What I would do is you would have a set of rare smg ar shotgun some minis and the gliders and for incentive a exp boost and if you win one battle star though may need a buff

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